I wanted a perfect ending. An update on what happened during the past few days: Tuesday: Watched Gulliver's Travels with Wenda, Zhao Lon...

Movie, Shopping, Surgery and Shopping again.

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I wanted a perfect ending.

An update on what happened during the past few days:



Watched Gulliver's Travels with Wenda, Zhao Long, Stanrly and Julia after their OSL training and it was awesome!

It was a last min decision actually, since we actually wanted to watch The Tourist but the 3 of them were pretty reluctant abt it. Stan gave in in the end. LOL, and I was kinda stuck betw both sides becos I was supposed to watch Gulliver's Travels on another day. But anyway, I didn't regret watching it since I srsly couldn't stop laughing throughout the movie and some parts were sersiously stupid, to a laughable extent. Hmmm, I think I'm gna watch this a 2nd time. Either that, or The Little Fockers.


Shopping spree with Claudia! The main purpose of the trip was actually to adjust her bracelet @ Taka but we kinda forgot about it. :/ Felt like shopping in the end so we just walked around Orchard and went for a shopping spreeeee. Hehehe I really have to thank her since she found really good pieces for me and I really loved it, especially after I tried it on. Went over to Shaw House to look for Shawn who was working after that!

LOL I kept having this thing about him working @ Rauph Lauren and we went a long way before spotting him @ Isetan.


Had my wisdom tooth surgery today and I was really freaked out in the morning and couldn't stop tearing. Okaaaay, shopped with my mom before the surgery and bought some pieces. Was quite happy but the terror came and I started to freak out again. The surgery was fine, couldnt really feel anything except for the pressure and vibrations. :/

Its hurting now and I can't have any pain killer. :(

Browsing through some pieces online and still contemplating if I shld get them. In a shopping spree mood again. Hehe. Can't wait for F21's spree with Wenda and Julia this month!