I'm doing nothing, but at least I'm doing nothing wrong. Hey guys! I think there's something wrong with blogger upload or smth. ...


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I'm doing nothing, but at least I'm doing nothing wrong.

Hey guys!
I think there's something wrong with blogger upload or smth. Tried to upload some photos but it keeps saying that I have exceeded my Picasa limit and all. I uploaded the photo above with Photobucket and thats why its larger than the others. I think I really need to find another good photo uploading alternative in case Blogger dies on me again like how it always does. Photobucket's good actually, but I hate it that the photo sizes are either too big/too small to my liking. It really gets on my nerves. I even tried deleting some posts but it didn't work, like wts man.

Well, maybe its time to clear some space on my blog. Some posts aren't really worth remembering anymore. I think I really spammed a lot of photos dur 08 and 09. But I mean, whats the point right? Haha oh and in case if you wna backtrack my archives to see what these photos were, I already removed my archives link. :P

ANYWAYS, went to my aunt's concert with jaclyn yesterday. It's titled "I LOVE V" which stands for Volunteers, not anything else. Haha CCC twitter kakis (esp stan and weichuan who i know reads my blog), don't think I dknw what you're thinking about. ><
It was great actually, though the sun was freaking scorching and I forgot my shades. My eyes were literally burning and my contacts started drying up. Had our dinner there and got freeeeee Swensen's Icecream. :D Hoho both Jac and I were really thankful for the 1 for 1 swensens voucher in the goodie bag. Gna eat ourselves silly. :P

Since we were so free, we walked ard the barrage gallery and the open area where people were flying kites. We camwhored, since we had nothing to do and the scenery there was just gorgeous. :DDDDDDd There were walking bubbles all over and there was one guy running like some trapped hamster. Mad amusing, I tell you.

Headed back down when it was time and there were some concert there. Corinne May performed and her songs are still as awesome, though it was from her previous album. Irene ang was hilarious and the rest of the performance was just.... well... you know... cheena, since they were all from some chinese music school. Wasn't v interested at that.



Had another CCA session today. Briefed publicity for like 10 mins and started crapping after that. Played monopoly deal at the back of the LT with Wenda, Stanrly, Shi Hui, Shu Yin, Vivian, Jun Hong and Zhao Long. epic shit man, we were all ganging up against Zhao Loong and we were like saying hilarious stuffs to help each other win. Stanrly Jun Hong Vivian and Wenda totally helped me own Zhao Long. Hahaha. :P

Had lunch @ Pasta Mania with the 6 of them after that where Stan, W, SH and I spammed cheese like mad and its making me feel damn guilty now. Sinful maxxxxxx. Bought KOI after that where JH dropped his whole cup and everything cracked. LOL he was lucky that they actually made another cup for him.

Walked ard afterwards and couldn't stop laughing. Hahaha I think they really helped me take things off my mind for a while. Went to Plaza Sing after that.

This blogpost's pretty long huh. Haha.
Oh yeah, I really wna thank Claudia for everything too. :) And SHAMO and CONNIE, come back soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Miss you girls like mad.
And Twin, so sorry for not making it todayyy. :/