When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you. Hey all. :D I shall not say much, but m...

Teachers day + Seoul Garden + NO SCHOOL TMRW AND ON FRIDAAAAAAY + I think I talked too much already but omg its okay cos Im very tired now.

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When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you.

Hey all. :D

I shall not say much, but met up with quite a few people who went back to YTSS, but very few of those form 4e4. Yeah, we know what Miss Koh wanted to tell us and all already. Well, I dknow, but like it wasn't really a very big surprise for me cos I've been guessing it since a long time ago but still, its pretty saddening. Like I dknow, I kinda like don't really see a need to go back for teachers day anymore once she leaves. Okay, except for Mdm Sauda, Choir and the rest of my friends.

Right, so anyways, went to have Seoul Garden with Connie and Claudia after the perf. Sham didn't feel well, so we sent her to the taxi stand after that. Take care alright! (And I'm not gna remove the photos on facebook cos its all on my blog too so you can already guess which picture they commented on. HAHAHA :D)

Seoul Garden was like a damn impromptu decision. We were all deciding on a place to eat and Connie just went," Hey lets all have Seoul Garden ok! Haha super random" And all of us were like "OH OKAY!" since we were very much craving for Korean food and buffet at the same time and Seoul Garden just met the bill.

Alright now, photos!

Hahaha omg so sorry, YingJie! Didn't check the photos and didn't notice the eyes. :/

The resemblence is uncanny!

Hahaha okay, I don't know what I was doing in most of the photos but yeah.

It was really saddening cos I didn't really meet up with a lot of people like Charmaine, Whitney, Leon, Charlene, Judith, Yan Ting, Shu Hui and Hui Sze though I saw SH, HS and YT when we were leaving school and all of us were screaming like asdasfhgdsfa. But Leon and Charmaine called so I guess it was okay. We can always meet up another time yup!

On the lighter note, I managed to meet up with ShawnNg, Jason and the girls.
Shawn and Jason were like doing some weird sexy dance on repeat which got Connie and I very very disturbed. Lol. A reanact of the court case incident.

And JasonKoh, use my noodle eraser for Olevels ok! Confirm plus chop give you goodluck. Hahaha cos its from me and my aura is inside and I didnt do very badly for Olevels.
But most importanly, my aura is inside and its awesome stuff!

Okay ohmygod. Im seriously very tired but Im supposed to do homework.
I think Im ranting too much so okay, bye!
Its a kind of destress man.