Fight for the things you love, and love the things worth fighting for. Hello everyone! :D I know I shouldn't be blogging at this hour, s...


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Fight for the things you love, and love the things worth fighting for.

Hello everyone! :D
I know I shouldn't be blogging at this hour, since its already 1am. I've been staying up late till about 3 every day, and I think it's causing a distress on my complextion. :/
I'm gonna blog about the camp and stuff, so if this really bores you, just move on to the pictures. :D

Right, so first day of camp.
Met up early with the excos for some pre camp breifing and stuff, settled some admin stuff with the rest of the cca. It was kinda shocking though, since there weren't many people around. But as the day went by, the numbers started to grow.
We started off with bonding games in the morning with their groups. Usual stuff, double wacko and all. I introduced the human chain game that we used to play in YTSS dur P.e, got everyone running like mad. I still rmb how I used to enjoy that game. :)

Had captains ball after that. Haha, my fav. :)
Helped out with group 4, since they only had 4 members. I think it was pretty fun.
Station games after that. Was kinda incharged of that station alone since Yang Cheng had to suddenly go off for Sarawak training. Haha he seriously missed out on a lot of fun.

Had a little washed up for the members while excos prepared for BBQ. Yup, we practically cooked for everyone, since they couldn't get dirty. It was fun, working with the excos and all. Wenda and Zhao Loong was working very hard. Haha, there were tons of leftovers, so Vincent, Yang Cheng and I offered it to the JC2 that were staying late to study. They kinda liked it and wanted more. :/
Since there were too many leftovers, Julia decided to play zhongjimima with the rest to finish up the food and desert.
The mood was awesome though.

Rushed off with Vincent after that to prepare for the movie and slide shows. I was careful enough not to look at the scary slide. Haha. Really have to thank Vinc, since I was struggling with the night blindness there.
Went to bathe afterwards with the exco girls.

Oh yes, night trail! The part that all the excos had been waiting for.
So since there was a huge overhaul, everything had to be redone, including the props. So we were actually supposed to rush out Wenda's twin, which got everyone really scared. :P
I helped them with their makeup and all of us rushed to our stations.
So yeap, sat on top of the locker which was pretty scary, since it was pitch dark and it was really, really high. My station was alongside Zhao Loong's, so at least I had someone to talk to and all. Ignatius volunteered to accompany me too, since I was like freaking out and everything.
Thanks guys! :D Really really great friends.

Anyways, took a long time for the groups to arrive and all, and we were all chatting down there. Almost fell asleep too.
We had lotsa fun scarying them, since I was supposed to be there with my hair covering my face, screaming and crying like some idiot. LOL. Zhao Loong was supposed to be some old man playing bball and Ignatius was like laughing over there.
Wei Chuan's group was the funniest, since Jing wen couldn't stop screaming and he actually screamed at the least scary part.

Washed up after the night trail while the rest slept in the hall when it ended at 4:30am.
Didn't sleep, so went to the couches at Crossroads cafe with Julia, Wenda, Vincent, Zhao Loong and Wei Chuan for a game of daidee. We chatted too, and talked about silly teachers and our boring subjects. I kinda went to bathe when the sky was brighter and all, and headed back there.
Kay, so everyone kinda dozed off for an hour after that. Woke up at 8:30am.

Rested somemore at the hall till it was time for the telematch.

Second day.
The other groups continued on with their telematch while most of the excos had lunch and prepared for the water bombs.
Yeap, you should see how many we had, from the pictures below.

So we had a very hard time transporting the water bombs to and fro, since it was a banned activity in our school. Yeah, sounds stupid.
Anyways, prepared for the other activities during water games too. Was poking holes in styrafoam boxes with Julia and Vincent.

Had a survey before water games, and I kinda had to rush some things up to the second floor with Jing Yi, since she couldn't get wet on that day.
I think the water games was the highlight of the second day, since all of us had so much fun. It was pretty epic though, seeing everyone spilling each other's cups of water for the games. The excos had our fun too, trying to sabotage them. :D

So when it was time, i kinda ran up to the second floor and waited for Julia's signal before planning a surprise attack on them. So as Julia was debriefing them, Jing Yi and I kinda threw the whole pail of water down, followed by a few water bombs. Trust me, the look on their faces were priceless. They didn't know who did that though, so everyone was kinda guessing and all.

So yeap, after the last game and when the real game started, I kinda started throwing water bombs down the second floor and yeap, they saw me and JingYi. So everyone started throwing water bombs up to the second floor. Freaking damn epic. xD

To stop everyone from throwing more bombs up, Jing Yi and I actually went downstairs, and yes, I got tricked by Vincent.
So as I went down, I was pretty careful since I was getting very suspicious of what was going to happen and just like I thought, Ignatius started coming with a bomb and threw it on my back.
Zhao Loong got one broken bomb and started releasing the water on my head. =.=

Yup, proceeded with some photo taking after that. And everyone was to stay still and someone would actually pour water from the second floor down, and Jing Yi would take a picture of it.

Yeah and little did I know, I got aimed by them, directly from the second floor.
But it was fun though, lol.

Washed up after that, had dinner and exco meeting.
Uhh yeah. I was practically dozing off and I could sense everyone laughing at me, which they did. lol. Wei Chuan said that my eyes looked puffy and all. Good thing that I didn't have any nose bleed this time round. :/

Had perf night, the groups did skits and all of us did friendship dances. :D we actually managed to go one complete round for the first time, since there were quite a lot of people.
Packed up, had surveys and homed. :D

LOL. I think Zheng Yang has a camera detector like me too.

There were a lot more pictures than that, but yeap. Only uploaded this few.

Right, so I'll go off to bed now.
I seriously can't wait for next week though, since there're lotsa stuff coming up.

See you soon!