But love, I’ve come to understand, is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in th...


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But love, I’ve come to understand, is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day.

Hello people!!!
There's quite a lot of elaboration on what we did in the sleepover. So to prevent this blog post from boring you, I shall post up the pictures first! There's a lot of them :D

On thursday morning, met up with Claudia and Judith first to buy the ingredients for the BBQ @ HuiSze's hse. Bought loads of food, and we couldn't really finish them. This is like the first BBQ that I've been that I could eat so much.
Took a bus to Hui Sze's condo and met Yan Ting, Shu Hui and of course, Hui Sze there :D
Started BBQing at about 12:30pm. Only got the fire started at 4:15pm or so. LOL.
Longgggggggg story.

Anyways, we BBQed chicken wings, sotong, potatos (YUM!), satays, marshmallows, nuggets and sausages. Well, that was a lot of food considering that there were only 6 of us. We had like 30 joint wings? So when it was cut into drumlets and wings, it was 60 :D
We had 30 sticks of satays too, and one whole bag of nuggets.

Cam-whored like crazy, as you can see from the photos. Due to the fact that they fire couldn't start up at the start and we were all so darn hungry, we fed on marshmallows and sausages first. Somehow or rather, we managed to cook the sausages. So yeah (:

At about 4 plus, after we manged to get the fire going, we cooked like crazy. We kinda took turns to cook and all, but Hui Sze really helped with the cooking at lot :D Hahaha, the food was delicious too, esp the chicken wings. Real juicy and tender, though a little burnt :/

So we had our little feast after all the food was cooked, along with the sinful chocoloate cheesecake with Claudia brought and also the jellies which I brought. Hahah, super sinful i tell you.

Continued camwhoring, and chatted likw mad. It was real fun :D We were like doing silly things and laughing and talking abt silly stuff :D When it was time to go, we packed all the food and brought it to Judith hse, cleaned up and the few of us went to bathe.

Finished bathing, headed over to Judith's hse for the sleepover :D

Reached, watched tv like maddd cos' the shows was super nice, esp the art festival film on okto which Judith recorded. Also watched American Idol and ate those stuffs that we cooked in the afternoon, since most of us got hungry. Ate the cheesecake too. Heeeeeeeh (:

Camwhored after that, and watched silly youtube videos that made us laugh like mad. Esp the one abt Miley Cyrus when she sang at the American Idol. LOL. Super funny, i tell you. Oh yeah. Hui Sze also showed us a Korean Video of the song "Wedding dress". Though Im not the korean song kind of person, i can say that the video was really touching and sad. Judith posted it up on her blog. Click HERE to watch it (:

We also gossiped and talked abt loads of stuff and people from ytss. Lol. Some were really amusing and we really couldn't believe it. Anyways, we were actually supposed to stay up the whole night and not sleep but guess some of us really could not take it. Judith, Hui Sze, Shu Hui and I slept at about 4 am. Claudia and Yan Ting stayed up to watch shows. Hui Sze joined that shortly after that.

Blah blah, woke up at ard 8 plus and settled some monetary issues before ordering Mac Delivery :D Had hotcakes with sausage, my fav.
There was some Macdonalds cock up stuff though. haha. They kinda delivered us more than what we ordered. Guess they kinda mixed the orders up.

Continued chatting and gossiping a while more after that before heading back home.
Homed, slept like a pig. Hahaha.

So yeah :D
Told you it was long.

I'm tired, gna sleep now.