Song: Someday - Rob Thomas Mood: Afraid :S Give me a break, let me make my own pattern. Hello! I was listening to Muttons to midnight and I...


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Song: Someday - Rob Thomas
Mood: Afraid :S

Give me a break, let me make my own pattern.


I was listening to Muttons to midnight and I chanced upon this joke.
A guy walks in to a toy store to buy Barbie Dolls for his daughter. And so, he asked the shop owner
"How much does that Barbie at the window cost?"
Owner," Oh, the Barbie goes to pub costs $19.99, Barbie on a bike $19.99, Barbie with the pet dog $19.99, Barbie with the nurse outfit $19.99, Barbie in school, $19.99, Barbie as a housewife $19.99, Divorced Barbie $399"
Guy," Why is the divorced barbie exceptionally expensive?!"
Owner," Oh, because divorced barbie comes with Ken's house, Ken's car, Ken's clothes and Ken's bed."
I think only lame people will understand.

I went out the whole of today, so damn exhausted right now.
Alright, met Joel in the morning, trained to khatib & bused to Changi Airport! :D
Like what Connie said, the bus ride was just 15-20mins or so!
The atmosphere at Changi was just right for studying. I think the people at the Candy Empire really thought that we were from China.

Headed over to Popeye next for lunch! Superb, esp the Mash Potatoes.
We ordered the 2 piece chicken meal & Joel ordered extra Calamari Rings & Mash Potatoes.
Upsized the meal, and there were like damn lot of fries. Didn't finish it though. Got sick of it :S

Went up to the viewing gallery, saw a plane taking off :D
Sat over there and chatted for quite some time, about an hour or so.
Got bored, and went to walk around the Airport. Saw many people from YTSS there, including CONNIE! :D, Gene and Joel's seniors.
Damn surprising can! Hahah.

Trained over to Bugis and walked down to lane after that.
The things there are damn cool, I saw a denimn jacket & a shoulder bag that I liked A LOT.
Going to get them the next time I go. Both 40 bucks each, so its about 80 bucks in total.

Oh yeah.
I got like damn traumatised over there.
Went in to Victoria Jomo, saw a wallet that I liked a lot, I picked it up and quickly placed it back, cos the material was kinda scaley and I really really hoped that it was not what I thought it was.

Me (To Joel): Eh, Damn nice leh. But what material is it made of? Don't tell me its..."
Joel: "Nah, I don't think so. I think its just PVC plastic or smthg. Wait, I ask."
Owner:"Oh, its snake's skin."
Joel: "Oh, but is it real? I don't think it is right?."
Owner: "Yes it is. Its 100% snake skin"
Me: "Oh, hahahah, thanks" *Rushes out of the shop*


Trust me, on the inside, I was SCREAMING.

I was like so rubbing my fingers on Joel's arms the whole time.
Shitz man.

I am really wondeirng whether I should risk it and go back again, since I want to get the bag & the jacket.
Kns. Keep seeing snake-related objects these few days.
That day when I was at Vivo, I keep seeing Snake-like braclets.
Looked like this

I seriously don't understand how anyone can actually wear something like this.

Okay, as usual, cam whored.
Here we go :D

YAY, I don't have school tomorrow, or Wednesday :D