Years from now, I'll make every second count. Hello :D Hahah, I haven't been blogging for a week. Anws, I'm going to blog about ...


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Years from now, I'll make every second count.

Hello :D
Hahah, I haven't been blogging for a week.

Anws, I'm going to blog about what happened on Monday! Couldn't blog then, cause it was meant to be a surprise for Shu Hui, and wasn't supposed to know about it! :D
So yeap :D

Met Judith, Yan Ting & Claudia respectively at different stations & then met Claudia at Kathib.
Trained down to City Hall, went to Raffles Shopping Centre!
Haha, we went to lots and lots of places that day. I didn't know that "Accessorize" sells to many fab things till now D: Went to River Island too :D

Anws, headed over to Marina Square as we were all famished due to the fact that we didn't have any breakfast :/
Went to the food court. Funny thing was that there were PLENTY of seats around, but we couldn't find any seats.
Know why?! Know why?!
Cos the working adults over there actually used tissue papers to "chop" seats!
Yeah, & I thgt people only do that in T.V shows.
We were like laughing out asses off, LOL.

Had lunch, then walked around the mall.
There were many cool places there though :D
Saw a much prettier wallet at QuickSilver, but too bad, I already bought mine.

Anws, we were actually out of ideas & so, we headed over to John Little to see if we could find anything,
and we DID! :D
Got 2 teeshirts & 1 shorts for her, from Surfer's Paradise.
I got a shirt for myself too! :D Heheh.

Paid, decided to go for ice-cream, so we headed over to Swensen's!
I had Mango Madness, Yan Ting had Chewy Chocolate Fudge, and Judith & Claudia shared topless 5!
Super delicious, i tell you.

Ate, walked around somemore & trained home! :D
Haha, there were some pretty funny moments on the way though :D
Overall, it was fun!!

Now, photos we took on that day!

Mango Madness!

Chewy Chocolate!

Topless 5!From left: Claudia, Me, Yanting & Judith!

Haha, yeap. That's all.


Well, we helped Shu Hui celebrate her birthday today! :D
It was an early celebration though, cause her birthday falls on this Sunday.
& guess what?
I actually messaged her a "Happy Birthday" message today!

Met them after our MT intensive.
Sang Birthday song & cut the cake :D
We bought a Fruit Cake this time, from Prima Deli :/

Shu Hui's fruit cake! :D
Haha, does she look touched or what?!

LOL :/
Yeap, a nice one :D
With ShuHui!
LOL! Her reaction when she saw the present.
Guess she must have liked it a lot.

Anws, MT intensive has alrd started.
Everyday, its like we are having MT from 8:00-10:00am & 2:15-5:30pm in the afternoon, after lunch.
& having normal lessons after recess.

MT Olevel is coming soonnnnnnnn!
Haha, Chinese Mock Orals this Monday.
Wish me luck!