When lights were on, you were there. Now, everything's switched off. Today wasn't a very fabulous day for me. Well, had normal lesso...

Oh well.

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When lights were on, you were there.
Now, everything's switched off.

Today wasn't a very fabulous day for me.

Well, had normal lessons.
We played some "Features and Functions" game dur DnT, by which we were given a few cards and using the card, we'll have to use it to describe the product shown to us.
Hmm, it was fun :D

Then had Maths test followed by Physics Practical, VIP, Assembly, English and MT.

Things didn't go that smoothly during Lunch. Was feeling down till I reached home.

I don't like people to insult my elective, nor laugh at me.
DnT students DO NOT repair things just because we study Electronics. I'm not pin-pointing anyone, but I'm just saying this to serve as a reminder to everyone out there.
In fact, we create and re-invent items to help everyone out in their daily lives, be it the toothbrush, or even the fan.
That's why we have our coursework.
Everything is created with a reason, with its own unique shape, feature and functions.
We are the one that help to make things better and invent things that you have nvr thgt of in your life.
For example?
Your stapler and even your hole puncher was invented by someone who knew about Mechanics, Eletronics and Structures, which sums up everything abt DnT!
They were all created for a reason. Why? So that it'll make your lives easier, thats why!
Imagine fastening a few sheets of paper tgt by poking two holes at each Left hand corner, then using a stick, or a string and fastening all of them tgt.
Isn't it easier to use a stapler? It saves time, makes everything look tidy, and saves you all the hassle, just to fasten a few sheets of paper tgt.
And mind you, making a stapler or even inventing one isn't as simple as you think.
If it was really THAT simple, why weren't you the one that invented it?

DnT students do not = to those Repairmen.
Please, you learn Electronics in Physics too.
You don't see Physics teachers working as Repairmen.

Now, that's what DnT is for.
We don't just repair air-conditioners, mind you.
In fact, we don't even repair ANYTHING at all!

Yeah, maybe that will help to clear all the misconceptions about DnT.
Maybe it'll not.
Its all up to you to think, really.

Heh, all this talk about DnT is making me tired.
And guess what?
I can't complete my journals with all the exploded drawings inside by tmrw!
I forgot to measure all the dimensions of my model, which is like sooooo URGH.
Oh well :)

Okay, gtg.