It flew with the wind. Hey. Well, we got a SILVER for this year's SYF. Not very good news or whatsoever. For some of us, it was expected...


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It flew with the wind.


Well, we got a SILVER for this year's SYF.
Not very good news or whatsoever. For some of us, it was expected. For others, it was just very disappointing.
It isn't fair too.

Well, we had practice from about 9-12:30 in the morning.
Practiced on the presentation of the song for "Lukluk Lumbu", and added new moves for the girls & the guys. It turned out nice, really. The whole song was very very beautiful.

Breaked for lunch from 12:35 to 1:05 & ate with the committee girls. Had pattaya rice with Yanting while they ate other stuffs.
Had Pi Pa Gao that Ms Jessy brought for us after that. Don't really like the syrup :/

Well, rushed up to the Bee. Room & Ms Jessy gave us a talk.
Maybe the whole SYF practices all these while was not about the award, but about the friendships that all of us shared with the conductor & among our friends.
Maybe it was just fated that it would all end up this way.
But it's really hard to resign to fate at times, when things end up in a state like this & when all of us hve given all our trust in it.
Maybe it just wasn't our best, yet.

But anyway, she explained the meaning behind "the battle of jericho". & we rested for about 15mins after that, before changing into our SYF uniform.
The girls had to stick a flower each in our hair, cause of "lukluk lumbu" :D

Boarded bus, reached, rehearsed.

When the time came, we sang. I could see Ms Jessy's hands shivering like mad when she was conducting us. "The battle of jericho" went really fast & sharp, whereas, "The White Horses" & "Lukluk lumbu" were fantastic.
We missed the gold just by a little.
I know it.

Watched two other schools before heading back.
West Wood sec really did "Janger" very well.

Took photos, waited for results.

I don't really wnt to elaborate on this part, but my heart just sank when we heard it.
There were tears. But it just couldn't flow out, until Yanting cried outside the General Office.
It was when we all teared.
Didn't cry. Just teared.

Had dinner at BurgerKing, & I left shortly after I finished.

No doubt, I'm still disappointed.
But still, life goes on.

I shall wait.

Maybe I'm not allowed to say this, but I still will.
I love all the friends I have made in choir, especially the Gossip Club.
I love my juniors.
I love my seniors.
I love our mother & our conductor, Ms Jessy.
I love the Choir Committee'08.

& of course, I love choir.
I really really do.
All the memories that you have given me throughout this 4 years.
I really do appreciate it.

You have given me opportunities that I would nvr had dreamt of having.
Words can't describe how all these memories means to me,
But it will be something that will follow me throughout my whole life.
Thankyou, & I love you.

Photos that we took.
Got some photos from Judith's blog as well.

Dearest Alto Section.

Judith & ShuHui.
With Judith.



HuiSze, Judith & Whitney.

Judith, Whitney & Amanda.

Went out with Joel today.
Exercised & all :D