carry you home. Hello :D Well, I'm going to post about what happened during the last 3 days ;D There's be photos and all, and I'...

CHD, BC Day.

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carry you home.

Hello :D

Well, I'm going to post about what happened during the last 3 days ;D
There's be photos and all, and I'm sure it's going to take a longgggggg time to upload D:


Wednesday, 110309.

Reported to the indoor sports hall first, then headed off to Sentosa :D

Reached, walked to the Imbiah station and had a break there.
I took a photo of the BulBul Bird too! Its pretty rare in the Asia countries, and I have to thank Whitney for spotting it first though, Haha.
Anws, walked over to the Merlion area and took class photos! :D

Walked for a while more then reached the Dragon's Trail.
Didn't really get bitten by any mosquitos though :D Well, I won't really go to the details of the walk, but overall, it was fun :D
It was VERY different from what I saw since the Choir Camp that time. The one last time was scarier D:

Walked and took the bus to Siloso Beach! :D
Cheeh, where got hot and hunky guys. All so ugly.

Yeah, had a class potluck there, and 1 hour of freetime, which we used to watch the impromptu beach Volley ball match with the other players.
We had a draw! :D

Packed up, headed back to school, had lunch and went home :D


Thursday, 120309.

Well, had morning assembly and headed off to the Bollywood veggies farm! :D
At Lim Chu Kang or smth, and the bollywood sign was super cool :D, infested with termites.

Haha, formed a 11 person group with:
Charmaine, Whitney, HuiJun, Jia Qiu, Joel, Fong Kiat, Ying Jie, Jian Lun, Yu Chao, Peir Yong :D
Walked around the farm, saw many different food crops like KangKong, Miniature Guava, MANGO, Mango steen, Tapioca, Grape, Banana, Soursop and many many many more.
Went around taking photos for our powerpoint slides :D

Anws, had light refreshments after that and had French Fries, Nuggets, Fried Rice and FIGTEA.
Didn't really like the Fig Tea, and I didn't go for a second helping ok!
But I found out that Fig Tea tastes nice with normal Ice Lemon Tea, cause' the lemon just covers the taste of the fig tea.

Yeah, had some entertainment stuffs and all.
Some instructor talked to us about the butterfly story and
Cruel is Kindness.

Rmb that.
hahaha :D

Took the bus back to school, had Committtee meeting.
Ate Chicken Rice with Yanting, Judith, Yongqing, Yiling, Shuhui, Huisze and Claudia after that.
Went to Northpoint and bought choir stuffs, saw many many things that I wna buy!
I'm going to target that Nike Bag already :D

Photos we took on that day!

Friday, 130309

Well, nothing much happened.
Miss koh took damn lot of photos and a video -.-

Had presentation and choir :D
I like Jericho now! :D
Damn nice songgggg, yo.


Yeah, thats all that happened.
Haha, gtg now.

I really don't know how to survice on Monday.
Maybe it will be harder than i thought.

I dont know.