1 thing, 2 say, 3 words, 4 you. This few days have been such a blur, so many things have happened. Have been looking forward to CNY since...


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1 thing, 2 say, 3 words, 4 you.

This few days have been such a blur, so many things have happened.
Have been looking forward to CNY since last week.

Reunion Dinner.
250109, Sunday.

Well, had reunion dinner that night with family and relatives.
Ate steamboat, as usual and the "kids" like us ate the grilled type. It was nice, esp the salmon :D
Watched t.v and slacked after that, was super boring and I kept wanting to go home, as I was wayyy to tired.
Reached home, watched t.v, wished people and SLEPT.

First day of CNY.
260109, Monday.

Yeah, that was yesterday.
Woke up early ytd morning, at about 7:30 am.
Washed up, changed, blahblahbleah.
Dad drove us all to Grandma hse and had breakfast.

Got angbaos, aunt helped Jac straighten her hair. Took photos after that with everyone, like last year ._.
Slacked for a while, tried to send photos into my phone but it somehow didn't work.
Left the hse and headed to Bugis after that, to pray.
No comments. I was pretty pissed off. My clothes kinda really stink after that. Very crowded too.

Headed home after that while parents went to Causeway to catch their movie.
Haha, sad right :/
Slacked at home for a while then went out with Joel after that, so watch The Wedding Game.
Saw JianSiang and XueLi there too, and sat the same row as them.
Unfortunately, we got the first row and my neck ached like hell after that.
Not bad, the show was pretty funny.

Went back to Grandma hse, had dinner.
As usual, watched t.v and slacked.
Didn't gamble with them, not in the mood.



2nd day of CNY.
270109, Tuesday.

Woke up in the morning, Joel came to BaiNian in the morning.
Went out for another Movie, Inkheart with him while my parents went before us to watch Wedding Game.

Seriously, its really strongly recommended to watch InkHeart okay!
All the effects and the storyline are super damn awwsome, kept me glued to the movie the whole time.
Moral of the story: Never try to read aloud next time, hahaha.

Went for lunch at PastaMania after that.
Had some Chicken Sausage Pasta while he had Turkey, Tuna and Bacon Pasta.
walked ard the basement, wanted to buy cheesecake for Cookie but there was none left ]:

Bus-ed home after that [:

Just finished my online blogging, crapped everything up.
Still have 1 comprehension, 1 compo and 1 situational writing D:
CNY celebration in school tomorrow, and there's that Physics thing.
Yeah, I'm sure I'll top Physics for the class this time for sure, from the bottom.
I suspect that the stupid subject's picking on me >;[ Like I'm never going to pass it.