When I'm all choked up and you're ok. Hello, once again (: I'm like finally back from Class Chalet , came back ytd night at abou...

Class chalet.

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When I'm all choked up and you're ok.

Hello, once again (:
I'm like finally back from Class Chalet, came back ytd night at about 12 am plus.
Super tired luh :O

Okay, I'm going to blog from the start of the chalet till the end, when we came back :D
Plus pictures and everything.

Monday, 8th December 2008
Met Joel at about 10 plus in the morning and headed over to NorthPoint's foodcourt for brunch.
Ate Chicken Rice and he has black pepper chicken rice.
Walked ard after that, met Charlene and Guo Wei at OCBC at 11 plus.
Walked over to Safra for Pool :D

Super cool right! :D
Its like the first time I'm playing pool and everything :/
Played a few rounds, teamed with Charlene and won 2 rounds, cause Guo Wei kept hitting the black & white ball into the hole tgt.
Hahah! :D

Played against Charlene after that, she won :D
Was like super close la, haha.
blahblah, saw some YTzens down there.

Finished playing, walked back to Yishun central and headed over to the interchange and took bus39.
Waited for GuoWei for a while cause he was coming with us.
Bus-ed down to Pasir Ris and walked to Downtown east :D

Super funny.
We were like walking to the Coasta Sands Resort at Downtown east and we like actually went inside. Couldn't find the chalet S06 though.
Called the rest and realised that we were at the wrong chalet ><
Wasted $1.

Walked down to Escape then to the Resort at Pasir Ris.
Reached, and the chalet was like super stuffy la.
Luckily there was air-con at the 2nd floor.
Girls Bunk! :D
But it was super small.

Played Blackjack, watched t.v, slacked and chatted.
I kept winning and losing money. And in the end, I was back to the same amt of money that I started playing with -.-

Headed over to the Food Court near WWW after that with Charlene, Charmaine and Joel.
Super long walk, cause we took the longer route unknowlingly.

Had some Thai chicken chop rice or smth while the rest ate from the Jap stall.
Wanted to buy Takoyaki at first, but it was already closed D:

Walked back to the chalet after that.
Went back, slacked a while more before heading out again for bowling! :D
Went with Charmaine, Charlene and Joel :D

My eyes suddenly felt super uncomfortable on the way.
Had to go into the toilet and wash my contacts and everything and took a super long time.
The rest had to wait for me and everything.
Haha, I know that you all very Jiang Yi Qi der! :D
Went over to the Bowling place and the waiting list was super long.
Headed back to the chalet again.

Met JunZe and guys on the way and decided to meet them after that.
Went back to chalet, showered and went back to Ehub :D

Bowl-ed, blahhhhhh.
I sucked super lot la D:
First timer.

Went back after that, ate cup noodles, chatted and went out to the swimming pool area to play BlackJack and DaiDi :D

Blahblahblah, played till like 4 plus 5 and went to the Registration lobby to slp.
Haha, Joel couldn't really slp cause of me :/

Woke up at 7 plus, found out that a few of us were the only ones left cause the rest went swimming.

Tuesday, 9th December 2008

Washed up, and walked to the Food Court for breakfast.
Had Nasi Lemak while some of the others had noodles.

Walked back to the chalet after that, played BlackJack again.
Wahlao, lost money like shit ><
Played till about 11am, then headed over to Wild Wild Wet! :D
Went over with Joel, Charmaine and Charlene.

It was like super fun la! :D And we went for 2 rounds of Ular-lah.
Everyone got sunburned :D

Played till about 1 plus, showered, had lunch and saw Mr Ramthan and his family.
Haha, his sons are like super duper cute.

Walked back to Chalet, played cheat for a while and headed out again to ride Bicycles.
Charmaine, Charlene, Joel, Hasanah, Guo Wei and Akbar.
Super bad experience with some @%^%#$^ people, don't rlly wna talk abt it.
Went back to the rental place and waited for the rest of them to come back.

Went to rent the BBQ pit blah,
started BBQ! :D

Ate and ate and ate and ate :/

Went up to the room after some time and Joel slept.
Stayed in there and played with the cards.

Went back down, packed our bags and homeeeeee :D
Headed back with Charlene, Guo Wei and Joel.
Took the shuttle bus and everything to Pasir Ris MRT station and bus-ed back to Yishun INterchange.
Everyone was like sleeping on the bus.
Super duper tired :O

Dad fetched me home after that.
Reached home, unpacked and slept till just now :D


Heading out for the Buffet @ Jurong Point later.
Wahlao, at this rate, I'm going to grow like reall fat.

Blog soon! :D