it just keeps going round and round. till one day you realize something. Hello :D I'm going to post about the choir camp now! *DRUM ROL...

Ignite with passion!

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it just keeps going round and round.
till one day you realize something.

Hello :D
I'm going to post about the choir camp now!
*DRUM ROLL* please. :D

Ignite with Passion!

Day 1, 26th November 2008.
Met Judith and went to school in the morning, had to report by 8:30pm.
Reached school, gave everyone their lanyards to hang their handphones ard their neck.
We bought similiar ones for everyone! :D COMMITTEE IDENTITY :D

Helped everyone slot the string into the hole and everything. The ones having Nokia phones were the most difficult ones.
Had committee meeting, whoosh-ed tgt! :D

Juniors came in after that. Had bag check and Edmund had to issue out pumping due to some reasons. Checked, brought them into the bunks, shifted tables and chairs.

Games after that! :D

Went down for a while and they were playing "Extreme Egg Toss" followed by "Alvin Says" and "Twisted Statues".
Bet they had lots of fun. :D
Followed Claudia and Yanting and some others up to Bee Room after that, slacked a while and was looking at everyone's baby photos! Some of them were super cute lor! Esp Yan Ting's one. Hahaha, eating cuttle fish.
I'll post photos about it. :D

Slacked, chatted and high-ed with them!

Went down, taught them the tempo game and had "Baby Face Off"!
Super funny. Everyone kept thinking Afza's baby picture was Erwin and Erwin's baby picture was Afza, and Judith was Whitney.
Noone could really guess mine till the end of the game though ]:
Except for my groupppppp :D

Had lunch after that.
Chicken rice :D

Headed over to the haunted house with Whitney after that, starting sticking the garbage bags again.
Claudia and Edmund were sticking them up too, working super hard :/
Was kinda slacking inside here.
FongKiat and BoonTat were like super crazy la, playing with that CaterPig. LOL.
Caterpillar Pig.
Kept tying the pig's waist with Scortch tape and throwing it ard, cause it can flyyy.

Went out to see the games after that.
Played "Tug of 4" too. blahhhhhhhh.
Had talent time practice.

Dinner! :D
Char Siew Rice.

Night trail after that! HAHAHAH, this was super duper freaking fun and funny.
was like scaring the juniors and some of them got really freaking scared, esp the first group.
The first group was the BEST man, Seri's group :D
Acted as Mary with Whitney and kept slamming tables and dustbins kept putting gel and toothpaste on them :/
Super yucky.

Haunted house after that, shower time.
Discussed the things with Yi Ling while the rest were playing Monopoly.

Bedtime :D
Didn't really slp though. Claudia and Erwin.

Playing "Baby Face off"

Hmmm, wrong!
Yeah! Correct! :D
Baby pictrues of all the committee members.
Cassan, Sumaiyah, Yiling.
"Hmm, which one is it?"

Haha! Afza's baby picture. Erwin.

"Hmm, wait. You sure this is correct?"

Edmund. Credits to Chermaine Yong.
Yan Ting with cuttlefish hanging in her mouth!
Yong Qing.

With whitney!

Haha, apparantly, it "flew" to the light there.

Before Slimming down.
After Slimming down.

Tug of 4!
Night trail! :D
Night trail firstgroup.

Committee member's bags.
Scary not?

Claudia and whitney doing sentry duty.

Day 2, 27th November 2008.
Woke up at about 6 plus 7, washed up.
Was feeling nauseous in the morning though, don't know why.

Helped to bring breakfast down to the canteen and went up to the hall for PT.
Erwin and Boon tat was guiding, did some warm ups with everyone.
Played "Dog and Bone" too!
Super sad ok, I got Mop Attack ]:

Had breakfast, went into the Indoor Sports Hall to prepare for games after that.
Played inter group Basketball! :D
Alvin and the rest of the guys were like playing with them though, so slacked with the rest of the committee members at the side.

Blahhh, played with the committee for a while and headed to the hall with my group to prepare for the second game.
"100 Seconds no NG"! :D
Super tiring, had to run here and there with them when they failed, and they kept failing :/

Game ended, the members went for their talenttime practice while Committee members stayed back to clean up the place :D
Slept for some time.

Lunch! :D
Hokkien Mee :D

Amazing race after that.
Was Station master for the singing thing. Super boring la D:
Blahblah, finished the thing, went to look for the previous group.

Showertime, prepared for Talenttime.
Took committee photo also!

Took towels, changed into Choir camp tee, took bottles, headed to Bee Room to slack and down to the canteen for dinner!
Had buffet dinner and were like super funny la.
The committee kept trying to attract attention by singing silly songs and doing silly things, cause we were the last to eat and were super duper hungry :/
Was finally able to eat and everyone took super lot of food, esp Erwin.

Ate, headed up to the hall, rehearsed.

Had Talent time!
The puppet group was goodddddd :D
And Ler Ching they all were like doing some dance.

Committee performed! :D
Super duper nice ok! Too bad they didn't encore us.
Had video presentation after that, everyone was super duper HIGHHH :D

Showered, did my sentry duty.
Had a bit of meeting after that and went bck to the Committee bunk. People were like playing Hotel626 over there, and got super duper scared la :/

Bedtime :D
Didn't sleep at all.

Dog and bone

Flour with pingpong ball :D
Look for the marble!

Cleaning up.
The food!

Talenttime :D

Day 3, 28th November 2008
Went to wash up at 6am, cause didn't sleep.
Reported to the next classroom with Yan Ting, Yi Ling, FongKiat, Boontat, Alvin and Melvin.
Was like falling asleep when Kok Hui was teaching us the games, cause some of us didn't sleep.
Learnt only 1 game in the end :/

Had breakfast after that, dozed off again.
In the end, couldn't take it and went to Bee Room for a nap.

Woke up an hour later, everyone was playing the ABC games.

Lunch time :D
Economic Rice.

Area cleaning after that. Was like super crazy with the light sticks at the haunted house.
Some of the committee members were like sleeping in the bunk too.

Reported at the Bee Room, gave out prizes :D
Everyone was like super high.
And the best group is, *Drum Rolls*, GROUP 6! :D
And the best female camper is, *Drum Rolls*, Seri! :D
And the best male camper is, *Drum Rolls*, Mardhi! :D
And the OVERALL best camper is, *Drum Rolls*, RYON! :D

Had some speech thing after that.
Everyone were like cheering for Yee tat and Kok Hui.
The juniors were like," Yt! Yt! Yt!"
So the committee members went.
"Kh! Kh! Kh!"
Lols, crazyy.

Cleaned up committee bunk, washed up, homeeeeeeeeeee :D
Super exhausted.

Went home.
Kept sleeping till the morning and slept again just now D:



Kok Hui making his speech.
Hui Sze!

Yong Qing!

Bottles we used for talent time :D

Yeah, thats all :D
Hahahah :D
I bet everyone's super bonded right now.
Choir committee 08 <3