Got tagged by Judito! [: 1. How old did you wish you were? 17! :D End of O-levels! I'm excited to go into Poly, I think. 2. Where were y...


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Got tagged by Judito! [:

1. How old did you wish you were?
17! :D
End of O-levels! I'm excited to go into Poly, I think.

2. Where were you when 9/11 happened?
Oh, I rmb this!
Watching the news on CNA and waiting for that @$#%# tuition. Haha, no joke.
Know why? Cause I rmb @$#%# things, esp this.

3. What do you when vending machines steal your money?
Um, I don't know. I guess I'll do nothing.

4. Do you consider yourself kind?
Hmm, maybe? At times.
I'll be kind to people when they are kind to me.

5. If you had a tattoo, where would it be?
Hmm, either on my wrist or on my ankle.
Cool right! :D

6. If you could be fluent in any other languages, what would it be?
Hmm, English will be the first one, so I won't have to worry abt failing it! Lol.
Next one will be probably Japanese followed by, maybe, French?

7. Do you know your neighbours?
Are you kidding? I hate them, cause they like to scare Cookie.
Evil Dogs.

8. What do you call a vacation?
A holiday? HAHA, no la.
To go to a nice beautiful resort.

9. Do you follow your horoscope?
Of course!

10. Would you move for the person you love?
Maybe, haha.

11. Are you touchy feely?

12. Do you believe in opposite attract?
Cause people who have the same character and everything sometimes don't get along.

13. Dream job?

14. Favourite t.v channels?
Channel 5, Channel 8.

15. Favourite place to go on weekends?
Not sure. But somewhere far away from homeee.

16. Showers or baths?

17. Do you paint your nails?
Yup, at times.
But only toenails.

18. Do you trust people easily?
Not anymore.

19. What are your phobias?
SHOULDER, Height, Snakes.

20. Do you want kids?
Haha, not very enthusiastic about it.
Maybe about 2.

21. Do you have a handwritten journal?

22. Where would you be right now?

23. Who makes you warm and fuzzy?
Oh! What a question!

24. Heavy or light sleeper?
Medium :D

25. Are you paranoid?

26. Are you impatient?
Depends on my mood then.
When I'm in a good mood, No.
But when I'm not feeling ok.. Oh, YES.

27. Who can you relate to?
People who are close to me.

28. How do you feel about inter racial couples?
Cute ! [:
21st July, man! Racial Harmony!

29. Would you rather be at home or out with friends?
Out with friends, of course!

30. Whats your pick up line?
Hello! :D

31. Whats your main ringtone in your mobile?
Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton.
Haha! It has been there since a year ago! :x

32. What were you doing at midnight last night?
Reading "Harvesting the Heart". Super nice book!

33. What does the last sms in your mobile inbox says?
I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - Toufu! :D

34. Whose bed did you slp in last night?

35. What colour shirt are you wearing?

36. Most recent movie watched?
Journey to the center of the earth.
Fine, I know. The movie very old alr -.-

37. Name 3 things you have on at all times?
Shirt, shorts, undergarments.

38. Which bank do you deposit your money at?
Oh, my wallet!
Haha, I have not been saving :x

39. How much cash do you have right now?

40. Favourite part of a chicken?
Drumstick! I like the soft bones :D

41. Whats your favourite town/city?
Um, Singapore.

42. I can't wait till ..
EOY finishes!

43. What did you have for dinner last night?

44. How tall are you barefooted?

45. Do you own a gun?
Haha, I wish I did!

46. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Ice Milo.

47. Where do you think you would be 10 years down the road?
Working, I guess.

48. Last thing you ate?
Um, chicken rice. Heh.

49. What songs do you sing in the shower?
What a question!
Haiyo, I so shy.

50. Last thing that made you laugh?
When I ask leaf," What you do call a vacation?"
And he answered," A holiday!"

51. Worst injury?
Fratured my right leg.
I practically fell from the monkey bar and set on it.

52. Does someone have a crush on you?
Of course not!

53. Whats your favourite candy?
I don't eat candies :D

54. What song do you want to be played at your funeral?
I don't know whats the song title.
But its a smallville soundtrack by Coldplay.

Noone! Haha. You can do it if you like.
Maybe Leaf bah, cause he wanted to do.