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My hits counter is seriously pissing me off, okay.
1 Hit only?!

School was super damn slack todayy!
Had chemistry lesson in the morning, which we used to discuss the details for the ClassChalet!
8,9,10th December :D
Its more like a camp actually D: Have got night trail somemore!
Like LOL.
Hope we'll have more free time or something.

Recess and DnT, which was kinda slack too, followed by Physics-.-
Mr Wee was going through the Physics paper with us, which I didn't really give a damn la.
I think those who failed will have to go for another retest on 31st October.
Ahh well.

Assembly after that and homeeeee!
Headed for lunch with Whitney, Charmaine and YiLing at LongJohns.
Fun! :D Charmaine treated all of us ChocolateSundae! :D

Met Joel after that.


Sunday, 191008.
Met Jaclyn in the morning with Joel @ Toastbox.
Waited for YeongLi to come and so on and bused to PasirRis.
Blahblahblah, saw some of our school mates.

Reached, went to put our things in the locker, changed.
First stop, FLIPPER! :D
Hahahaaaa! YeongLi was like freaking out over there, and we were like trying to scare him.
Not scary at all ok! :D

Family Coaster after that.
I was screaming like what shit liddat.

Well, I'm not really going to EXPLAIN everything lar, cause its a little unnecessary :D
DAYTONA GOKART was super duper funn okayyyyyyy! But too bad, had to queue up for halfanhour.
Wanted to go for a second round, but there were sumply too many people, raining somemore.

Wet and wild was crazy.
I swear I'm never going to ride it again.

Went over to WhiteSandsShoppingCenter for dinner and headed over to JurongPoint with Joel after that to get watches.
Homeeeeee :D


Saturday, 181008.

Gym with Joel!
Aiyah, I don't want to elaborate :/
I ran for 2.4 KM and he lifted weights.


Going to the NewWaterPlant tmrw.
Wahlow eh.


I ♥ my watch!