ndp08 <3 FREAK. had to retype this post and everything again. REPLY TO TAGS : KAISIANG : Thanks for the birthday wishes and cheer up ! ...

UDDERS, Dental.

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ndp08 <3

FREAK. had to retype this post and everything again.
KAISIANG : Thanks for the birthday wishes and cheer up ! I won't say that I'm siding you, but still, i won't take sides (:

zc : Hey, who is your xu chun mei ah ? I miss NDP super much lah, and " We Will Excel " group too, though i'm not sure whether i'm in it or not. See you in choir soon ! And good luck for your term test results yah !

`♥sixin(: : Haha, I miss NDP so much now, all the fireworks and everything ! I miss " We will excel" group too :D It was nice chatting with you and Amanda on National Day. Anws, thanks for the Birthday wishes and you are super loved once again ! Pig family :D Oh yes, and i'll " pass by " your blog whenever i can :D Promise !

Amanda : See you in choir soon ! Thanks for the Birthday wishes, btw. You wished me but i didn't wish you on time. Super sorry ! :x

genevieve : HELLO :D I miss 2e7 and I miss you super lot too ! Must say hello when we see each other nice time !

jorene : Mr toh is super duper funny lah ! He and his hand actios and all.

CINDY : Linked :D

Chel :D : Take care too ! :D

jiaqiu : Relinked :D

ShawnTEO : Relinked :D

SURIANI : HELLO :D Thanks for the Birthday wishes :D Come back to choir whenever you can ok !

FongKiat : Woah, I thought you don't tag people wanzxz. Thanks anw ! :D

xin : ALICIA :D Thanks !

shilin : LINKED :D

Xinyi : Hello schoolmate :D

Seri : HELLO :D

kenneth : Yeah, the term test was ok for me. Physics was kinda okay for the first time. Chemistry was ok too.


Things haven't been going well nowadays.
Super shit.

Oh yes, Went to UDDERS with Joel last week.
I remembered it was on the Monday that we got a day off for National Day, haha.

Went over there to study but it didn't work though, cause the environment there wasn't really suitable but still, no regrets :D
The ice-cream there's really awwsome.
had Mango Sorbet and some Crunchy Peppermint chocolate chip thing while Joel ate Vanilla and some Orange chocolate thing.
I'm bad at remember the names of Ice-creams, but good at eating them :D

Studied, played "Stress" with UNO cards and studied somemore.
Joel bought some Strawberry ice-cream and Cookies and Cream :D
Super duper nice ok !

Studied somemore and home :D

Pictures !

Mango sorbet and Crunchy Peppermint with Chocolate chip !

Vanilla and the Orange chocolate thing.
Cookies and Cream and Strawberry !

wth la.

Went for dental just now.
As usual, things didn't turn well.
Really regretted going ok. What surgery what shit.
I'm going to miss Teacher's Day this year, as well as my September holidays.

won't post up all the pictures i took today, haha.

POA on Monday :D

loves !