Saturday, 020808 NDP PREVIEW ! Tuesday, 050808 . LimeLight! concert at esplanade ! Saw Mr Toh and the choir, like after so damn long. Pokpo...


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Saturday, 020808


Tuesday, 050808.
LimeLight! concert at esplanade !
Saw Mr Toh and the choir, like after so damn long.

Pokpok was super damn nice and their Make our dreams alive tooooo :D
too much to elaborate on.

Friday, 080808.
NDP in the morning, went pretty okay.
Had photo taking after that, everyone got damn dulan and all.
took photos with the girls in the room :D:D and got out NDP fun packs, whooooo.

Met up with leaf after that,

NDP 2008 :D
Was quite okay, actually.

Didn't meet up with Judith in the morning.
Trained to yishun and changed in the station's toilet, before heading to the pavilion.
found out that most of the people reached school already and everything.
Judith came not long after that, along with Yan Ting and Shu Hui.
Chatted and everything :D

Had group photo after that.
damn funny.

Had a little of motion sickness on the bus.
Reached the destination in time, Yanting and I were craving for free Old Chang Kee and everything, hahah !
There were none in the end thought :(
The milo was super damn nice lah :D

Rotted in the holding area after that, had lunch.

Started rehearsals, blahblahblah.
Mediacorp people came ! The hosts for the NDP :D
Took photos with all of them.

Rotted somenmore, headed to the floatng platform.

The performance was ok la.
finish performing, went back to have dinner.
Well, somethings happened though, don;t want to elaborate about it.

Went back for the finale.
BEST finale i ever had in NDP, seriously.
everyone was screaming and dancing away.
Whine up was super nice :D
Went down to look for Claudia and friends.
Everyone were like splashing NEWwater at each other and everyone got wet, even those innocence ones. =.=

Played somemore, then everyone went back to the holding area.

Went back to Yishun MRT and went to Burger King with the commitee members and Mdm Tang.
Were talking about some Religion thing and it got really funny.

Alvin," eh, yanting. what religion are you from ?"
Yan Ting," oh, i'm free."
Alvin," LOL. when did you get out from there."

Chatted somemore, laughed.
Then everyone went back.
Pretty long day.

Tons of photos not posted up yet.
Have to get them from the rest, haha.

UDDERS tomorrow, followed by revision and completing of homework.

Loves !