Helooo :D I haven't been like blogging for like a week or so already. So so sorry ! I'll start off with Saturday, Friday then Tuesda...

Leaf's birthday, Nee Ann Polytechnic and NE Show 2.

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Helooo :D
I haven't been like blogging for like a week or so already.
So so sorry !

I'll start off with Saturday, Friday then Tuesday :D

Saturday, 120708.
NE Show 2 !
Yesterday was like WOW.
yes, really, WOW.

Reached school at 12pm with Judith.
Saw those UG Groups preparing for the school's NDp and all.
Some of them ran home cause they kinda like forgot to bring the costumes.
Went to change after that, falled in, blah.

Ran around the 4th floor with Yi Ling after that to look for SOME PEOPLE.
boarded the bus after that, sat with Yan Ting :D

Reached, waited, rehearsed.
Had dinner :D
Well, no kfc for ytd.
Just rice, vege, chicken and icecream :D

Headed into the platform after that, blah.
The mask thing was like damn what lah, damn difficult to balance with the fan, wth.
as usual, Singapore Cheer was funnn !

The NE Show 2 was like damn different from NE show 1 la.
there were like so many new things and all, with the Merlion over there and all the fountain and everything.
Super nice :D
Oh yesss, the fireworks ytd was much much nicer than the first show lar ! OMG.
Received the star torch ytd too, niceeeeee :D

Stayed there for a while, home !

Friday, 110708.

Did not go for Choir ):

Had school, went to choir for 1/2 hour and went off to Nee Ann Polytechnic in the afternoon for some course.
Well, choosed the Business and Engineering course which like - la.
Damn unfair, cause only had 2 choices and wasn't interested in either IT or B & E at all.
So no choice, had to choose one in the end.

Went to some theatre at first for some performances and blahh.
Headed to some lecture theatre after that for some engineering thing.
Was doodling on the notebook that they gave.
Damn boring.

Moved on to their lecture theatre 73 or something for the business thing.
Had to do up some advertising board and blahhhh.

home :D

Tuesday, 080708
Leaf's birthday !

Went home straight after school.
Met leaf at Causeway after that for Sakae Sushi.
Ate and ate and ate.
Well, didn't really eat a lot or what la, but the Takoyaki was super nice ! :D
Though it was like super small also lah.

watched The Strangers after that.
like wth ?
No comments, seriously, no comments.

Home :D:D:D

Yeah, so that was my week.
8 more days ! :D

5 more days to YeongLi Cousin's birthday !

I may not be blogging that much nowdays due to all the activities, but i'll try.

Loves !