I watched my wildest dreams come true. Penguin ! hahahah. I think Joel's Pingu looks better. JUDITH ! Yi Ling ! Whitney ! ...


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I watched my wildest dreams come true.

Penguin ! hahahah. I think Joel's Pingu looks better.

Yi Ling !
Whitney !
Tidying up !
wipe wipe wipe.

JUDITH <3 Mopping the floor !
Yong Qing, YiLing.
Guys !
Judith ! Shu Hui ! "CINDERLLA" LOL.

School was okay today.
Choir was better then I expcted :D

I'll move on to choir now, since there's like nothing to talk about the lessons.

Went to choir at about 1:15pm.
Falled everyone in, did some admin matters, collected the $6, blahblahblah.
Had warm ups, settled those admin stuffs while the others practiced their Ashgrove song.

Settled everything, went to sing a while, slacked after that with Judith :D
Watched YiLing draw those pictures on the whiteboard. LOL.
Claudia issued out NDP tickets, blahhhhhhh.
Sang for a while more, dismissed the others at about 4pm.

Did that duty rooster thing after that.
wah, super fun.
Most of the commitee members stayed back today.
Claudia, Yong Qing, Yi Ling, Judith, Jason, Alvin, FongKiat, Edmund and I.
Help to clean up the room, blasted music, chatted like what.
Super duper fun.

Yan Ting, Shu Hui and Hui Sze came after that, after their O-level chinese thingy.
Everyone sat tgt in a circle, started to play the "Horny Game" tgt.
Haha, not bad. First time playing the game tgt as a commitee :D
Played a few rounds and stopped.

Claudia kinda like talked to the commitee after that and discussed some things.
Finished discussing, decided to play " 3 Blind Mice ".
YiLing and Yong Qing were the blind mice at first.
Off-ed the lights and everything, and the room got super duper dark.
Everyone ran around the room and screamed like what shit :x
Super funny la.
Fong Kiat and Whitney were next.
LOLOOL. Obscene !
Fong Kiat kept getting sabo-ed by everyone, and those guys like started to poke him with the brooms and everything, to confuse him.

Played and kept screaming.
Everyone like got super tired after that la, lol.

Stopped playing at about 6pm, cause had to lock the room and everything.
Guys went home, while the girls helped move the handbells sponge to the hall.
Managed to watch the YT Concert's rehearsal for a while.

Home with Claudia after that !

Tomorrow's the NE Show 1 :D
27,000 people will be thereeeeeee.
can't wait !

Toodles !

Choir commitee'08 rocks :D