Its like, I don't even know who I am anymore. Saturday, 050708 FIRST NE SHOW :D Omgosh, it was just like super fun ok...

Birthday celebration, NE Show 1, Leaf.

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Its like,
I don't even know who I am anymore.

Saturday, 050708
Omgosh, it was just like super fun ok, with all the people over there and all.

Met Judith in the morning.
Train-ed to Yishun, got to school.
Saw Sumaiyah and Afza practising for their YT Concert thing.

Changed, everyone falled in, boarded the buss.
Sat with ShuHui !

Reached the place.
Well, this time wasn't like that boring or anything.
Everyone was like busy changing their show sizes, giving out props, blahblah. So the time like passed pretty quickly.
Had dinner after that :D
Shrooms Burger, 1 piece chicken, mashed potato and 1 cone ice-cream :D
Oh yes, we had like free old change kee too.
super cool.

Proceeded to the floating platform after that.
Was like super shocked la, so see so many people over there for the first time.
Was ok in the end though :D

Danced and danced.
One thing i kinda didn't like was that they like so called started really filming after out third song, when all the 3 songs in front were like the super nice ones la.
Saw Nathan Hartono too.

Finished dancing, parade ended, headed back to the carpark.
Rested for a while, went back for the finale again.

Waited for a while, slacked, and headed back to the holding area :D
everyone like kinda changed in the bus and everything.

Pictures above :D

Japanese Garlic bread. Super nice.
Potato Wedges.
Japanese Pizza ! <33333

Victoria Concert Hall.

Those times <3

The times <3 VCH !

"4 dollars. No no, is 3 dollars. "
read between the lines :D

LOL. See ! He's camera shy !

obscene !
Made of real flowers :D
"oh, gimme gimme. fraster dah. ppl need work to eat deh"

Sunday, 060708
Went to like celebrate Erge's birthday at Shokudo restaurant with Dage.
Had tiramisu cake and had some form of surprises.

Headed down to VCH and kinda like got back many nice SYF memories.
Went to meet leaf after that to service his phone, cause i kinda like spoilt it.
Went over to borders after that.

Well, at least you somehow understand everything.
and at least, i felt peaceful when i was there.
if only there could be more "yesterdays".

Pictures above :D

Toodles !

when we just cry on each other shoulders.