you're impossible to find. 我们背对背, 心连心. Hello :D Okay, i have many many many things to blog about today, to make up for not blogging for...

WWW, NDP @ Marina Bay.

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you're impossible to find. 我们背对背, 心连心.

Hello :D

Okay, i have many many many things to blog about today, to make up for not blogging for the past 2 days.

Yesterday, 210608
Had NDP Training yesterday at Marina Bay for the second time.

Met Judith at the Woodlands Station platform and headed over to school :D
Strolled over there as we thought that we were still like damn early.
Reached school, realised that they had already falled in.
wth. -.-

Boarded the bus, sat with Judith.
Lol, Shu Hui, Yanting Judith and I were talking about those Shuai guys in the movies.
like omggg.
But too bad lah, those shuai guys will nvr win one person. lol.

Chatted on the bus, reached the destination.
This time, they brought us to the Singapore Flyer place, which turned out to be our holding area.
The Singapore Flyer's like damn damn damn pretty lah :D

Slacked over there for a while.
The guys were like playing some horny games over there and HM-ing each other names O.o
Some students from SOME other schools tried to learn but failed in the end.
Heard that some of the guys were kinda pissed off or something.
Damn idiotic sial.

Waited for a while before they gave us our "dinner".
Well, it consisted of a burger, 3 nuggets, potato wedges and those mixed veges.
Wasn't that bad though, but i'll rather prefer fish zinger, which kinda sucked too :X
No vege no nothing.
Wth la.

Got our props :D
Packed up and everyone headed over to the floating platform.
Waited for a while and we started dancing.
Was kinda shocking though, cause the first 3 songs were damn rushing.
3 at a go and the conductor didn't have his headset with him, so everyone had to be always ready.

Rested for a while. Had the parade march in thing, and started dancing again.
The parade was like super duper nice lah ! :D

Packed up when the parade was about to end and left.
Waited at the carpark for a while, was high-ing with Shu Hui over there with the masks :X
Went to re-fill our water bottles as we were like going to die of thirst alr.

Sat down for a while and headed over to the floating platform.
Sat over there, played "tis by the river" and "everybody dance now" with Shu Hui.
everyone was like damn bored lah.
kept winking and blinking with Judito too, ahahah !

Had those fireworks thang but we didn't get to catch it cause we were like "under" the platform.

Went up again, saw the pretty pretty Singapore flyer :D
Went back to the holding area and homeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Everyone was like super hungry lah !
Yanting told us ghost stories :D
and i got sun burnt again :D

Shu Hui and I were playing with our props.

me :D
Shu Hui :D
me :D
shu hui :D

once again, i hate my camera.
the first four pictures were super clear la :D
but wasnt taken with mine :X

The day before, 200608
Woke up at about 8am cause had dental appointment in the morning. Washed up, then

went out for breakfast with parents.
Didn't feel like eating, didn't have the appetite to.

Went for dental, changed the braces rubber thang :D , went off.
my upper set of teeth's so called okay alr.
Now's the lower set D:

Went off to meet Dage and Erge after that at WWW.
Went to the tsunami pool, shiok river and the slide thing.
Almost killed me.

Washed up after everything, blah.
went over to e-hub as they wanted to buy food. didn't buy anything cause didnt feel like

walked ard, tried to waste as much time as we could, blah.

Decided to head over to Terminal 3 for Popeye after that.
Slacked on the train, kept on sms-ing leaf.

Reached Changi Airport, went over to Popeye first as they were all starving.
Well, popeye wasn't that bad, was kinda nice though.
A combination of Long John, Burger King and KFC.
Yum :D
yes, Yum till i felt like vomiting after that -.-
Not the food.
Just me.

walked ard Terminal 3.
Took the skytrain over to Terminal 2 after that and then Terminal 1.
haha, really reminded me of the times when the few of us went to send Mdm Tang off.
The restaurants there are like damn CLASS lah :D

Went to the interchange and took bus 24 to AMK as Erge wanted to have his BakChorMee.
The bus ride took about 1 and a half hour. Talked about those ghostly stuffs on the bus.
Reached, walked over to the hawker center, ate and home after that !

talked to leaf on the phone.
realised that i kena sun burnt.

Yeah, so that was yesterday and the day before.

i dont wanna go to schhhhhhh.
Well, it got deleted by some freaking unknowns along with her friendster.
Damn idiotic and childish ok, delete other's blogs for nothing.
Please, grow up, will you.

Its the 21st century already, and people are still doing such stuffs.
lame shit.
Toodles !