Met Dage this morning at Woodlands MRT Station at 10am. Train-ed to Katib to meet Erge , and off we go to Orchard. Played with Erge's n...

Orchard road.

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Met Dage this morning at Woodlands MRT Station at 10am.
Train-ed to Katib to meet Erge, and off we go to Orchard.
Played with Erge's new phone on the train, blah.

Reached, headed over to Cineleisure to watch KungFu Panda, again.
Bought the tickets for 12pm and as it was still early, decided to go up and camwhore.
Took photos with each other and the cast of HSM 3. Tried to move Sharpay away cause wanted to take photo with Zac Efron.
Turned out weird in the end, cause it somehow made me look like I'm wearing a wig or something.

walked ard, went to NewUrbanMale a.k.a NUM.
Headed over to Takashimaya after that as Dage wanted to buy his Chronicles of NANA.
walked around, window shopped, went to Giordano.
Bought a shirt there while Dage bought his hoodie.
Shit sial, didnt manage to get the scarf that i wanted. Didn't know that only the clothes had discount and accessories don't, and the scarf was considered as an accessory.

Erge went off after that for his meeting while we continued to shop.
Headed over to Wisma Atria after that and went to Gap. Didn't see the belts that I saw in the magazines though O.o
walked ard, saw this shop having this super sale, but didn't buy anything.

went over to Shaw House after that as Dage wanted to buy breaded.
haha, yeah, its delicious. And I fell down again, for the third time.
This time it was when i was walking UP the stairs, not DOWN.
damn pro right, i know.

Headed to Isetan after that.
Dage saw some of his previous colleagues and went over to talk to them.
Headed over to Mango after that, and that sales girl took a damn long time lah, to find out the price of the shirt that i wanted.
didn't buy it in the end though, lol.

Headed over to Far east plaza after that, shopped, sat down and went back to Wisma Atria again.
Saw this angmoh couple in RipCurl, super funny.
Lady, " hey, how do i look in this pair of shorts ? *pulls up her shirt when saying so*"
I think she said something like that, but i still don't understand why she has to pull up her shirt when she was asking if her short fits her or not.

Headed back to Causeway to meet Erge after that and have dinner.
Went to Pasta Mania. Erge had his pasta while I ate Potato salad.
Super nice.

Walked ard, talked abt Dickson Ng Yee Tat, went into Metro to the kids section and starting looking at the toys :x
I miss my barbie days.

Went to Gelare after that to have ice-cream waffles. Mine was Cookie dough and Mango. Couldn't finish them though, was too big.
Chatted about a few things and home after that !

Out tmr with Cousins.
I still dont know where we are going :x

Toodles !

numb, all numb.