i'll be your best friend and you'll be my, valentine. REPLY TO TAGS :D JESSICA : Haha, I didn't know that Zhanghang would get s...


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i'll be your best friend and you'll be my, valentine.


JESSICA : Haha, I didn't know that Zhanghang would get so excited about Mdm Tang coming back. Anws, remember to post the photos you took on the flyer when you have the time :D I want see ! Good luck for your umcoming o-levels :D Loves !

zc : zicheng is a pervert :D:D:D Sorry for pangsehing you today :x You nvr come with us ? YEAH ! I know you love your PUB lah, LOL. Who don't know seh xD See you tmr okay ! Must have lots of fun tmr ah :D Dance like PUB like that. Anws, who is your laopo daren ah ? hahahah. Miss swan is chio :D She's mine :D

kenneth : Thanks for your support :D I'm trying to work as hard as I can in studies already :D Haha, the food all very nice meh. Only cafe cartel is niceeeeeee :D You try already ?

sixin!(: : YEAH ! Ndp is funnnnnnnn :D Yeah, Sec 3 camp is fun and tiring at the same time lar. But very worth going :D Anws, who is zicheng's laopo ah ? I've yet to find out xD Anws, remember to bring $6 on next prac hor :D If not I go gua zhu tou liaozxzxz. Anws, I'll do yout quiz text time ok ? (: No time to do yet. Haha. I'll see you tmr. Loves :D


Amanda : Haha. Yeah. i was kinda pissed with the same old someone, but now its ok already lah (: Yup :D Wii is dang fun ! Can get to jump jump jump all those, though i couldn't seem to cook at Cooking Mania, don't know why also, hahahah ! Rmb to bring $6 next friday ! See you tmr :D Loves.

YEETAT : I can't eat more with lesser quantity. I can only eat more with large quantity. Haiz.

jiaqiu : I do the quiz liao :D


seri : Hello, i linked you (:

jowin : Hello there, linked :D

KAISIANG : And you still owe me money hor. wahbiang. I go hang zhu tou already. Or i chop your head down put there also can.

ROSHERNA : Hahahah :D Hello ! See you in choir tmr :D Singapore cheer rocks lah !

IRINA : Yeah, damn sucky. Its like actually want to wear wan, in the end cannot. Like wth.

-J : Oh hello there :D what you want to write if you want to highlight your phone. Merge the photos tgt as in ? Meet to meet you, btw :D

SU! : OMG. Hello :D yeah, Ndp is funnnnnnn :D Reminds us of the Sec 1 Oc Days :D


Yeah, and it has been a month since i last replied to tags.
WOW right.

Had choir on tuesday and today.
Well, we didnt really have choir on Tuesday though, it was more like a PT or something like that. Kinda last minute planning, didn't go very well.
Had commitee meeting after that and stayed back with Claudia, Edmund, Jason, Alvin, YiLing and YongQing and talked about those commitee and NDP things.
Super funny ok :x

Had choir today as well.
Went to the staff room at about 1.15pm, Jason opened the door, falled in, checked attire, blah.
Collected the money for the choir tee and was like super busy lar, cause had damn lots of things to do.

Mdm Tang came in, taught the sec 1 and 2s warm up and felt super duper fuper bored.
Went down with Alvin to exchange for bigger notes, blah.
Went up, saw Judith and Yanting :D :D :D

Went through The Ash Grove. Kinda boring though.
After everything, guys had to stay back while I stayed back to settle some stuffs.
Guys got scolded again and everything. lol.

Northpoint-ed with everyone after that and home :D

NDP at Marina Bay tmrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
till 10pm at night.

Toodles !

don't want come for CCA then don't come lar.
need to scold till like that ah.
freak you.