Hello. Posted up those pictures from yesterday's BBQ. Well, didn't really post up everything. For mor...


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Posted up those pictures from yesterday's BBQ. Well, didn't really post up everything. For more information, you can go check out those blogs from those that went yesterday :D
Was browsing through my desktop too, and saw those pictures that we took during the 2e7 outing last time.
i miss palawan beach.
i miss 2e7 too.

Met Jason yesterday to buy those BBQ things. Was really heavy though, and it was like damn expensive lah. Bought drinks, aluminium foil, paper plates, forks, spoons, etc.
Waited for a while and Yeetat and ShawnNg came.
Watched Miss Swan and everyone was imitating her after that. like LOL.

Went up to the BBQ pit and realised that we haven't bought the fire starter and so, i rushed down to buy.
Went back, and they were already arranging the charcoal.
Well, i couldn't help to start the fire up cause I didn't know how to :x Dage and KokHui started to start the fire while Erge and I went upstairs to get the food and everything.
Ran up and down many times yesterday.

Waited and soon, they managed to start the fire.
Kok Hui and Jason went to buy their drinks while Dage and Erge stayed to fan the fire. I rushed up to get those finger food.
Tried to help them fan the fire for a while, and yea.

Soon, Jason and Kok Hui went to fetch Sophia and Edmund and they came :D
Haven't seen her for a while.

Went up to put down the bags and went down again.
Everyone started cooking :D though most of the time the chicken wings weren't really cooked. Haha. But didn't finish them la.
Ate marshmallows, sausage which had blisters on them and all.
LOL. Sausage with blisters.

Peixin and Yue Ru came after a while :D
chatted and everything.
"open, close, open, close, close, open, close, close, open"
I finally know what it is :D

Went down to the park with PeiXin, ShawnNg, Edmund and Jason after that.
Played with the scooter and "seesaw"
Played catching on the playground too.
Yes, catching =.=
Edmund was the catcher.

Went back up, and everyone started leaving and was left with YueRu, PeiXin, Jason, YeeTat, KokHui and Me.
finished up all the food and barbecuqed them.
Went back home first, cause i couldn't stand the heat and everything.

Yeah, and that was ytd.

Orchard-ing tmr.


missed you.