MY HITS COUNTER IS BACKKKKKK. oh yessss. Once again, i LOVE fast web counter. REPLY TO TAGSSS : Gwen : HELLO. Anws, thanks for like teaching...

choir :D

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oh yessss.
Once again, i LOVE fast web counter.


Gwen : HELLO. Anws, thanks for like teaching me how to do those maths questions that time. I got full marks for your friends test lehhh. Not bad right :D

JESSICA : Thanks a lot for your exam wishes :D Sorry that I could only reply to them now. You heard that Mdm Tang came back right ? Anws, good luck for your o-levels, esp your MT olevels on Monday. Alto misses you ):

ZiCheng : I cover Cookie's birdy for his safety :D So that ppl pervertic like you cannot seee (: hahahah. Yeah ! Choir rocks ! But NDP rocks moreeee. WHOOOOHOOOO. Must train well for NDP okay ? Anws, dont let all those pumping today affect you. But must rmb what YeeTat and and Edmund they all say okay ? JIAYOU.

sixin ! (: : hahah , no la. Now many people can rmb the dance steps very well liao :D choir is funnnnn :D So is NDP ! Yah la. That stupid woman say our school like that and look down on us, like who won't be unhappy ? ): She's super shit. Haha, you must be ver happy liao right, take photo with Eden already :D haha, If Sec 2 is ma fan, Sec 3 lagi worse lor ):

YEETAT : Is not I scared that Cookie's **** is censored. Ltr people like you keep staring and staring, then ver bad for your body. LOL. Relax lar, how can go with us. I dont know if can or not. I think is some maccartney lady. She's super shit ok.

Genevieve : HELLO :D Haven't talked to you for a longgggggggg time liao. hahah, and yaye, I passed your friend test :D

kenneth : LOL, Mid years over alrrr. My results all damn shit la. YalaYala, you good for your dnt lor, lols. Nvm, next time I will win you :D But dont worry, its like fat hope la, I kinda like heck care for my dnt also , so yea :x

zijun : 3 marks is a very big deal okay. Heng i got what i wanted la. Yeah, best thing's to be able to pon lessons, which is good la. Can miss out on some bad things. whats so bad about it up and running leh ?

chermaineYONG : yeah, choir has been very busy ): LOL. Later eat KFC eat till sian. Anws, hows your eye already ?

Amanda : yeah, its been long since you last tagged :D Guess what ? During one of the next NDP practice, Mrs Eu will be joining us. LOL. NDP IS FUNNNNN :D

KAISIANG : CHOIR IS FUN, MANZXZXZ. RED IS HOT, MANZXZZX. Your favouriteeeeeee junior lah. Push-up-bra. Sing what Humpty Dumpty.

Varina : LINKED :D

BoonYee : THANKS :D

----------------------------------------After all this time
I never thought we'd be here



She's still the same, same hairstyle and same look (:
She kept talking to us and everything la, telling us about the next choir practice and what so bring so on :D
Kept talking and talking to her, missed her a lot.

Choir commitee went to KFC with her after that :D
Chatted and all those but have to leave early, so yeah.

Everyone was super duper high lah !

Going back to choir tomorrow for commitee meeting.
Toodles !