i wished everything was a dream. i wished there was a time machine. i'll go back to yesterday. photoshop ! photoshop ! photoshop ! ): To...

smack you

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i wished everything was a dream.
i wished there was a time machine.
i'll go back to yesterday.photoshop ! photoshop ! photoshop ! ):

Today can be considered as the worst day of my life.
I dont like to be screamed at for nothing, much less get accused of something that we didnt do.
i don't care what you think. this may all be your assumption.
But once i know that she's standing on MY side, theres nothing I can fear anymore.

We had our learning style today.
It was better then i thought (: We got to learn some martial art skills to fend ourselves, in case the girls got raped.
ha-ha-ha, though i know the world isn't as safe as we thought it is now.

Everyone was asked about our future ambitions and what we want to become in the future.
Joel wanted to become a journalist while Yuchao and Charlene wanted to be accountants :D
Of course, i said that I wanted to be a psychologist, NOT a road sweeper. Cause I'm sure you do not need a degree to sweep the floors, ha-ha-ha.
I've gotta work REALLY hard if I wanna become a psychologist. I don't want to go to JC in the future, but I know that it'll be really hard for me to get into the top 5-20% of Poly.
Like hello ????
Do i seem like someone who can sit at the study table for 3-4hours non-stop and studystudystudy ?


But at least theres something that can really motivate me now " I want to be someone who can cope with both studies and things that are happening ard me. I'll prove it to you that it'll nt affect me"

I'm feeling damn agitated right now.
I really want to smack your face.

suddenly, you don't seem that nice to me anymore.