You can turn off the sun, but I'm still gonna shine. Back to school tmr D: I suddenly don't feel like doing back. First period MT ...

shut up, idiot.,

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You can turn off the sun, but I'm still gonna shine.

Back to school tmr D:
I suddenly don't feel like doing back.
First period MT and yes, followed by the other boring lessons.
No Chemistry tmr ):

Today has been rather slack.
I've been using the com for the entire whole day blog-hopping and trying to get my homework done, but to no avail.

3e4's class blog is currently under monitoring by the school's management.
And please, stop this crap about posting a long humongous nonsensical post in the blog and end off with "You dont need to know who I am".
Hello ?
Since we dont need to know who you are, what for even post at all ?
You don't go ard telling others that you look down on retain people.
For all you know, they might do better than you.
F.Y.I, People who retain CAN study.
Look down on people who retain for what ? Its not as if like they had killed someone or something.
And its not as if they killed you.



kenneth : Don't worry. The guy that Joel was refering to isn't you.

-♥SIXIN (: : Hellos ! haha, yeah, the mediacorp filming thing was okay (: We just had to keep cheering for the people thats all (: Yes, I'm anti-dead fishes too >:) Thanks alot (: I'll cheer up. At least everything's kinda okay alr. Love you too :D:D

zicheng : Hahaha, why you come my blog nanapoky me ? I miss Banglah-ing with you on maple. Are you still playing ? Come back to choir soon ok ! hahas, thanks for being my reader :D

Orez : Lame la youu.

Amanda : We'll jiayou for our term tests tgt ! See you in choir soon ! (: hahas, it takes time to like her :D

:esther : Relinked !

zijun : Yes, he WAS really overboard. Yes, Boontat owns 3 posts. I'm nt sure when it'll be aired. They said somewhere ard May. Just have to stay tuned to Mediacorp. Oh. Abt the elements conference I nt sure. But i know they are in the elements thing. 4 of them.

♥SHIMEI : SHIMEIKOH ! I love you too :D Thanks for your continuous support and everything :D Sandraca loves you :D Good luck in your drama postings too ! Hope that you will be able to get the post that you want (: I won't worry abt those idiots anymore :D:D

HuiSze : Thanks for all the encouragement :D Hope you'll enjoy tuition !

* Charlene : Heys :D Thanks for you encouragement and everything :D Watching the debate was really fun ! I just love the times when the four of us are tgt (:

xin : ALICIA :D Thanks for the tag. I MISS YOU ):

YUNTING : Yup, linked (:

chermaineYONG : Hahas, I dont really like the dead fish sial. And martial arts with that instructor was really fun :D Thanks for your note ! Gd luck for the O-levels (:

jiaqiu : HELLO :D See you in school tmr !

vino :D : linked !

xp : Yup ! Learning style was very very fun :D Hope you liked the board we made (:

qianhua : hey babe (: linked !


so that's all.
i still have 2 jian baos to finish.

Toodles !