that you don't know what you have got till its gone. Hello people of the world those reading my blog. Just finish reading KohKaiSiang &#...

the misses and the love.

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that you don't know what you have got till its gone.

Hello people of the worldthose reading my blog.

Just finish reading KohKaiSiang's blogpost, abt how he misses the old campus and everything.
And yes, i miss it too. I guess many others too.
Heres my MissList :D [c]jasonkoh.

i miss the balcony where we used to have wulingdahuis.
i miss the bentoveen room, where we used to have those late night choir pracs for SYF.
i miss Mdm Tang [A LOT]
i miss the parade square, where the 4 of us used to lie down there.
i miss the first choir camp.
i miss the seniors.
i miss the staircase at the side of the beet. room.
i miss the classrooms.
i miss musical.
i miss the hall.
i miss NDPs.
i miss the SYF Opening Ceremony.
i miss SYF'07.
i miss everything.

Well, that was all the pasts.
I love my present and my future.

i love my LEAF now and in the future and forever :D
i like my Dage and Erge.
i like being a senior :D
i like 3e4.
i like Sec 3 camp.
i like my friends.
i like everybody :D

Notice the difference between like and love ?
Yea, makes a big difference (:

I'm currently feeling very bored right now.
I'm suddenly into the study mood.
Probably because i'm bored and i'm afraid that I'll fail my mid-years.
I'll work hard this time, and enjoy myself to the fullest during the June Holidays.

chemistry paper back tmr :D



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hahaha. told you im bored :D