nothing is going to make me stop loving you. HAPPY BELATED APRIL FOOL'S DAY ! && HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, FONGKIAT ! my pigpa tur...

i'll nvr leave. NVR

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nothing is going to make me stop loving you.



my pigpa turned 15 a day ago !
i wonder when he will get us a mom =.=

Haven't really been REALLY blogging since last week, i think ;x
i'll start everything from Speech Day :D
Then on and on and on to many other interesting events.

Speech Day, 280308.
Everyone was pretty high that day cause school ended at 11am on that day because of Speech day.
Cleaned up the classroom after that while went to lunch with Claudia, Judith and Yanting.
somethings happened after that and yadayada.
I think it was a misunderstanding and all, so yah (:

Reported for choir.
Rehearsed for a while and everyone changed to their SYF uniforms.
Walked here and there, went to the hall for rehearsals and everyone went back to the room, had to put makeup and all.
Saw some girls put eyeliner and blahblahblah.

Went to the holding room, 3e4, while we performed out first performance : School Song.
Went back after that, went outside the room. Chatted with Judith and Yanting for a while MunJun and Jorene came later.
Talked abt Tigresses and Horseys.
went back to the hall for the DumDum Song and back to the room :D

Took photos, blah, home :D

Saturday, 290308
Dental appointment :D
Bought my MYUK pouch, earstuds and everything :D:D

Sunday, 300308
Sec 3s went back to school for the mediacorp filming of The Record Breakers.
Ours was the 9am-1pm slot.
Slacked and everything.
But oh well, got some free chocolate milk and all.

Lunch with Charlene, Charmaine, PeiYi and Joel after that.
Watched "Shutter" with him after that and blah.
It was somehow scary and nt so scary at the same time, ha-ha.

i love you (:

Tuesday, 020408
Had choir and everything.
Found out that some of the Sec 3s and 2s would be going for the NDP'08 thing and all.
super damn excited cause of the SYF Opening Ceremony and everything.
i'm sure it'll bond us tgt again, like before.

Friday, 040408
had choir today again.
The seniors announced the '08 commitee post today.

President : Claudia.
Vice. President : Edmund
Alto SL : ShuHui.
Soprano SL : YanTing
Tenor SL : Alvin
Bass SL : FongKiat
Treasurer : Cassandra
Librarian : Judith
Pianist : HuiSze
Xuan Zhen
Boon Tat
Conductor : Whitney
Boon Tat.

Thats all for the commitee of '08.
Just hope that we'll try to achieve the goals that we want for the choir and also the goals that the seniors want us to achieve, for the choir :D
We shall not let Mdm Tang and the seniors down.

Yes, thats all for this few weeks.
I haven been getting any photos and all.
I know my blog entries are like getting a lil' too wordy alr :x
Okay, i'll think of a wayyyyyy :D


i love you too much to leave you.
thats why i'll nvr leave.