i'll promise to nvr leave you, no matter what happens. will you ? Phew. Finally have the time to blog everything. How I wish theres a &q...

DimSum buffet and zpo trip :D

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i'll promise to nvr leave you, no matter what happens.
will you ?

Finally have the time to blog everything.
How I wish theres a "talk writer" in this world, so that I can say whatever I want to blog and something will help me type it all out :D

Okay, I know that i've broken my promise to blog yesterday night and blahblahblah.
Really veryveryvery sorry.
Was too tired alr. And still have to settle some connection errors.

had dim sum buffet and kbox on Tuesday with ShawnNg, YeeTat and KokHui
and went to the zoo and night safari on Wednesday with cousins ! :D, Jaclyn and YeongLi.
Have damn lot of photos to post out ltr for the both days.
I'll start with what happened on Tuesday itself, followed by wednesday.

Tuesday, 110308.
Met up with ShawnNg at Woodlands MRT station at about 830am.
Waited for like 1 hour before Mr YeeTat came.
And btw, thats not a singlet. Thats a racerback lor ! ): I nvr lie to you or what lehhhhh.

Anws, Boarded the train to Yishun to wait for KokHui. Waited for sometime before he came.
Took the train to Toa Payoh, took 138, alighted at some place and walked to East Coast Park and then to the restaurant.
Had quite a hard time looking for the restaurant with YeeTat cause the other two guys ps-ed us first and ran ahead.

The food was kinda nice though, better then i expected it to be.
Finished eating, paid and off we went.
Too bad Joel couldn't come ):

Headed off to some Toa Payoh place after that for kbox :D
Sang and sang and sang like what like that.

Sang Barbie Girl with ShawnNg and everyone was laughing like shit.
Highed when singing Lian ai-ing and di yi tian.
Sang Complicated and Big Girls Don't Cry too, and everyone got pretty high when singing F.I.R songs as well :D;D
ShawnNg was singing his JiBaban also.

Home after that :D
damn shit seh. No, i got myself into some shit.

Pictures !

Wednesday, 120308
Zoo with cousins !
hahah, was kinda fun, though it was like raining the whole day and we had to carry our umbrellas wherever we went.
Met YeongLi and Jaclyn at 1030 at Admiralty Mrt station and found out that I was the earliest.
They came afterwards.

Headed over to AMK hub after that. Had breakfast and bus-ed over to the zoo.

Reached, took some photos with the parrots and started walking ard.
Kept tou pai-ing TanYeongLi.
I think its even enough to like write a love story abt him and ----- :D

YeongLi," Wah. She is like damn cute seh, like xiao tian tian like that :D :D :D"
Cassan," You win liao lor "
Jaclyn," Win liao lor liddat"

Went to visit ShawnNg's cousins and everything.
Went to AhMeng's grave too.

and it rained, and rained and rained.
had dinner after that at KFC followed by a treat to Ben and Jerry's :D
Jaclyn treated us :D

Took the tram ride after that.
Don't know why, but we kept getting targeted by the photographers.
Its kinda irritating after a while.

Watched some show after that, went to the food court to have desert and home :D
didnt get myself into shit that day.

Mass photo upload !
With YeongLi :DMe, Jaclyn, YL.
PUMA.The white tiger.JasonKoh's best friend :D The wild boar.You didnt see anything :xAt the australian outvet. The dontknow what opened by Steve Irwin .
Emu's eggs.YeongLi's best friend.

YL emoing with ahmeng :X

And thats all of the manymany photos :D
have to go complete my homeworks ltr.

Toodles !