the kind of flawless I wish I could be. Just reached home. Went out with YeeTat & ShawnN g just now & i feel super duper full :x Met...


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the kind of flawless I wish I could be.

Just reached home.
Went out with YeeTat & ShawnNg just now
& i feel super duper full :x

Met the both of them this morning at Woodlands interchange.
Rushed for the 168 bus & headed over to Tampinese Mall.
Saw the advertisement for "The Leap Years" over at MobTV & was like O.o ?!
rahh. so nice.
Some english movie starring the Mediacorp Artists & all (:

Reached Century Square, walked around for a while.
Dage went for his haircut while Erge & I went over to PizzaHut first, incase there wasn't enough seats.
Waited for about an hour for him, ordered some things & waited&waited.
We had to order the meal first, cause the both of us were like practically starving over there.
Ate & he came.

Food was okay, though felt really bloated after eating it.
Dage paid for the bills & off we went.

Walked ard Tampinese Mall for a while before heading back home, cause Erge had to go home early.
Kinda slept on the bus :X

I'll post up the pictures & neoprints next time.
But in the meantime, here's a funny one.LOL.
I have a feeling that I'm going to have some scar on my nose on Monday, just like this :X)':

Oh yes (:
Joel & Jason came over yesterday night.
Cookie didn't really barked that much though, probably because they both had the "fongkiat smell".
& I hope he didn't cry :x

watched jason played maple for a while, somehow played poker cards for a while & chatted till abt 12am before they left.

Didn't sing during choir yesterday & I guess i was slacking too much :x
Okay, fine.
I promise to like sing for the next practice, & i think that more of the Sec 3s will be doing that too (:

I think I'm going to like take a nap now or sth, before completing my homework.
Supposed to go over to Mrs Chiam's place for the POA thing today, but I guess I won't be going already.
Too tired D:

Toodles !

& i promise its not just a crush.

Ps : Saw one bus with the advertisement "Pork Ribs on the Barbie"
"Jason on the FongKiat"