as the days goes by, it gets stonger & stronger. I'll continue onto Day 3 and Day 4 of Chinese New Year (: Day 3, 090208 Woke up, he...

stronger & stronger

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as the days goes by,
it gets stonger & stronger.

I'll continue onto Day 3 and Day 4 of Chinese New Year (:

Day 3, 090208
Woke up, headed over to Ikea for my beanbag.
Had breakfast over there, ate some Thai Chicken with Rice thing.
Veryvery nice (:

Walked ard, bought that hothot pink tunnel (:
Surprisingly, we couldn't find it at Ikea & went over to the Information Counter & found out that they dont sell it at ikea.
Headed over to Courts & surprisingly, they do sell it.

Of course, took the hot pink one :D

Headed over to Yishun Polyclinic to meet YeeTat & ShawnNg while parents went off for their movie.
I know, what a place to meet them -.-, on Chinese New Year.

Saw one chio bu over there wearing the Shanghai Tan cap with Jason's O.p shirt, only that its red in colour.
Fancy falling sick on Chinese New Year.
Sibei Suay, though she's not chinese.

Headed over to ShawnNg's hse after that, put down our bags, saw his photo album & went to Katib Central for lunch. Both of us treated YeeTat to 2 plates of dumplings, which cost about $8 to repay him for that pizza thing that time.
(Okay, Yeetat. You can forget about the $32 alr) JK :x

Returned back, stayed over there for quite some time before heading over to my hse.

Reached, played blackjack & cam-whored a lil.
Heng we didn't gamble, cause I would have lost all of my money.

They went back home & I headed over to my Uncle's hse after that, for the steamboat thang.
Went over to Causeway for a while too, to collect those photographs that we took on the first day.

Headed back.
Stayed for a while & went home !

Day 4, 100208
Woke up in the morning, had breakfast & immediatyly went to get ready.

Met him at Causeway for the movie.
Watched Kungfu Dunk, cause I like saw the wrong timing for the show :x
It was at 1210AM & I saw it to 1210PM :x
Damn embarassing :x

Headed into the theatre, found out that it was like damn cold in there.
The show was okay lar, though some parts didn't make sense.
Still, Ahlong Pte Ltd is better (:

ahaha. it was damn sweet of him (:

Finished watching, then went over to get Birthday Presents.

Bought everything, then headed over to my hse for homework.
Stayed for dinner & yadayada.
I think Cookie likes him though :x Cause he like nvr really bark when he came :D

Parents went out & he went home sometime after that.
Have been in front of the computer since just now, after doing my things.

i'm bored & i haven complete my DnT circuit yet ):

& now, pictures we took yesteday !
& of course, I did zilian lah.

Introducing, ShawnNg the Barbie !Barbie in bed with Strawberry shortcake at the same time.CASS !
Hahah, Yeetat with his baby cow !Family Portrait !
School's starting tmr alr D:
Term Test on wednesday !

Gotta buck up (:

Toodles !