Attention ! For those unknown taggers who are tagging my blog, i'll be replying you at my tagboard :D Mr/Miss Loner , plsplspls tell...

Seoul Garden.

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Attention !
For those unknown taggers who are tagging my blog, i'll be replying you at my tagboard :D
Mr/Miss Loner, plsplspls tell me who you are, LOL.

if it was not for you, it would not be as memorable.
hello people :}
pls slap me awake.
i feel like i'm going to fall asleep any moment.
well, my tummy's nt bursting yet :D
so yea :}

Choir this morning !
Met Stella at our usual spot & went to school, as per normal.
Had warm ups, practiced our Christmas Carolling songs.
Breaktime was fun with Claudia, Jason, YeeTat & Stella :D
I couldnt stop laughing my arse off.

After choir, immediately went off with YeeTat & Shawn Ng.
Ahha ! Cyt81191 didn't get to have his whatsoever bonding.
aiyah, whatever that phrase is called.
): ): ): ): ):

Headed to Causeway, saw Edmund & Vivian at the MRT Station.
Reached, headed straight to Seoul Garden to wait for Mr Jason Gay for his birthday celebration.
Went to get our food & drinks & Jason Koh came -.-
Fongkiat came too, so had to change our table for a table of five, LOL.

Started BBQ-ing, chatted, kept cooking the Prawns & Barbercuing the chicken meat.
kept laughing like shit lah.
thanks to those ppl xD

JasonKoh then mixed about 6 eggs tgt to form like somekind of -
whatever its called :D
tried frying it at the bbq area.
tasted like the scrambled eggs we have at Mac'donalds.
when we haven't add the pepper & blah :D

cleaned up & changed to another bbq plate :D
started bbq-ing again.
Well, didn't eat as much as we ate as the last time we went D:
dont know why.

had a so called break, chatted & handed Jason Stella's present & my present :D
okay, whatever.
everyone was laughing their head off when they saw what I gave to jason, LOL.
= a handphone strap with a fake-rubbery piece of pork attached to it :D
ahhhhaaaaaaaaaa !
want to see mre ?
call this number
-------- :D

just pay attention to Jasonkoh's handphone strap next time :D

everyone was too full to like eat anything mre, so decided to go for deserts.
oh yes D:
we didn't get to do that prawn thing this time = Man Han Quan Xi.
everyone didn't had the mood to do so, was too full D:

Got ice-creams & ateateate.
made float with YeeTat after that, while the others went for Ice-Kachang.
Kept tou-pai-ing the food.
Kept playing with the cam ShawnNg D:
Sean Kingston !

Ate, chatted.
ShawnNg & FongKiat went hme first while Yeetat, Jason & I continued walking ard.
Jason bought his Nike WaterBottle while I saw the handphone pouch I wanted from The Bluez.
D: D: D:
Didnt realise that I had the money to buy it until i reached the Bus Interchange.
oh well, i can always get it some other time :D

Pictures !
See the egg ard the bbq area ? looks disgusting ;X , taste niceeee.Jason's meat :D
i mean, the meat that jason took :xFloat !
F&N Cherrade plus StrawBerry ice-cream. MINE :D

oh yes, see the ice-kachang at the back ?its ShawnNg's. :X
YeeTat's float.
Sprite plus Vanilla Choco Chip ice-cream.
ShawnNg's float.
Cocoa Cola plus Peach Ice-cream.
O.o ?
i know, it doesnt fit to the colour theme xD
Shawn ! LOL.:DJasonKoh, Fongkiat.

Well, thats all :D

The Sec 2 guys came to choir today wearing long pants, LOL.
a lil wierd though.

Anws, last of all.