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yaye !

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ahaha, i love big fat ❤s :D
See that pattern
wheeeeeee, ily :D

i think the heels are nicceee :D
ahaha !

I just had World War 3 with the Ants :D
"The battle of the Creepy Crawlies"
I guess I won :D

Oh yes, I just read XiaXue's latest post not long ago, abt how youngsters communicate today :D
Well, I found her that blog post rather hilarious though, ahaha !
To think a guy types like that -.-
No offence, but i think its rather gay for a guy to type like that lah.
Girls who types like that are fine {well, somehow}
But its like so damn un-manly for a guy to do so lah :/
{i'm only blogging based on how i feel abt this :D . So yea, no offence !}

Maple Update :
PinkPages' level 20 alrrrrr :D
& yes, she looks super duper fugly :D
I still miss that "sexy" outfit, ahahah !

Oh yes, Mr
LOL. WahSeh, you finally come & tag alr huhh.
Hahah, I no need to fear abt your Zombies coming to eat my blog :D
Cause its not part of my holiday homework.
Remember that your Zombies only feast on homeworks ?
ahahah !
Anws, thanks for tagging yah !

Oh yes, I just watched the Paramore's Misery Business' MV just now.
ahaha !
That girl's a bitch lahhh.
Okay, whatever.
I think i'm too outdated :/

Okay people.
I don't know what to blog alr ;D
So yah.

oh yes, Muttons to Midnight rocks lah :D