what if i told you that i love you ? Many things are running through my head now & i dont know why. well, nt abt choir , of course. just...

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what if i told you that i love you ?

Many things are running through my head now & i dont know why.
well, nt abt choir, of course.
just sth else.
ahahah ;)

Oh yes, I didn't blog abt the Open Hse ytd :D
Gotta blog everything out today.

Went to choir late ytd, at abt 915am. Was abt to reach at 9am.
Luckily, all the hand bell things were like alr in the hall & didn't really have to move many things :D
Slacked, chatted, blah.

Headed to the hall & started praticing with our handbells.
I think I did pretty badly ytd, kept like losing track of which bar we were at. Well, most of the base bell ppl were lost, including me.
Thus, the base bells sounded pretty wierd :/
Oh yes, Jermaima conducted us.

Started performing & blah.
The Chinese Dancers came before us.
Kept losing track of where i was & my hand was like shaking like shit.
After handbells, performed for choir.
Sang Muie Rendera, Toki Gong & Dashing Through The Snow.

Had lunch.
Well, didnt eat. Stayed in the Bentoveen Room & Whitney taught me how to play the piano.
Claudia & Boon Yee came up to promote the things that they were selling.
Bought a pair of alphabelt L cause didn't have C ):
Well, at least my last time is still some sort of Christian name :D
Lynn :D

Started performing again, after some warm-up exercises & blahhhh.
Went home with Stella, Amanda & Claudia after that.
Bought Oreo Crush & Butter Waffles :)
Eeyer, I don't like both of them :/


Met Stella today & went for hand bells.
I was like some sort of late lah, sorry !
Rushed there, reached.
Explained some things & hand bells !
today was fine :D

Blahblahblah. Didnt go for lunch. Blahblahblah.

Performed again & chatted.
Packed up things & went home.

Went home with Amanda, Stella & Claudia.

Went home, reached the Yishun Mrt Station's bustop.
Saw HuiSze, ShawnNg & ShiWei.
Chatted & knew somethings from Shawn that i didnt know :/
Got up the bus with HuiSze, saw a couple which was like urghhhhh.
kept laughing at them, LOL.

In conclusion, these two days were funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :D

I'm like feeling so damn mixed up right now :/
i dont know lahhhhhhhhh ):
I dont know what to do.
I dont know the real thing lehhhhhhhh ):