Back from choir camp ! i felt so lethargic, sore & dirty when i came bck home. Had a bath & felt so damn much better. Lets strt from...

Choir camp.

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Back from choir camp !
i felt so lethargic, sore & dirty when i came bck home.
Had a bath & felt so damn much better.

Lets strt from the first day yes.
Went to sch, saw Whitney & walked with her to 962 bus-stop & 962-ed to sch.
Reached, waited for the whole camp to commence, chatted with Stella, Zicheng, Amanda & YeeTat.
Falled in.
Went to Bentoveen Room to put our bags, took our choir files & headed to AVA Room 2 for choir practice.
Yio Chu Kang choir came, sang with them, had lunch break.
Ate at the staircase with Sham & Whitney, chatted.
Choir practice again, till 3pm.

Had a so-called break, knew our groupings :D
Oh yes, Sham, Whitney, Me, Sijia, Rosherna, ShawnTeo, Edmund, En Mei & another Indian girl was in a grp :D
Sry i forgot her name :/

Anws, Had real funnnnn :D

Station 1 : WaterMelon :D
Each team was given the huge round watermelon & newpapers.
Had to finish the watermelon without using knife or whatsoever to break it.
Was timed on it :D

Well, we managed to win the first round, the one on opening the watermelon with our bare hands :D

Next was to put the pieces of the watermelon bck tgt & had to masktape it.

Station 2 : Passing Balls.
Had to stand on chairs & throw the balls ard :D
:D :D :D

Station 3 : Rope Skipping.
Well, did quite wellllll ;D

Station 4 : Some egg thing.

Had to use straws & masking tape to make the egg secure, so that when thrown from the second story, it will nt break.

Station 5 : PingPong Ball.

Had to like blow the ping pong ball from the bowl full of flour & all.
passed it ard.

Station 6 : Some chair game.


Overall, the games were like super damn fun lah ;D
Oh yes !
Our grp rocks lah, cooperated well :D :D

Went to bathe, blah.
Had dinner & wait for night games to strt.
Went bck to Bentoveen room & waited for our grpings.

Well, this time, the grpings changed again.
Was with Jason, FongKiat, Mustakim, Anna, LerChing & Michelle.
Had night trail :D

Jason kena blindfolded, with flour in his mouthFongkiat
meJasonHow bad it really got, lol.

Pictures with credits to mr YeeTat.
Was blind-folded & had to hold each other's shoulders.
Was smacked by flour, gel, egg-yoke, water & ticked by some bathroom thing.
Got our legs tickled & grabbed.
Well, someone kept poking my cheeks & Mr YeeTat kept spraying water at me >;[
I could almost bake a pancake with my clothes.

Washed up, bathe again, went to slp.
Its not all for first day.

Well, as thre were like some complications, had to go ard the toliet again.
Went to slp, listened to Muttons to Midnight & smsed :/
waited & waited & waited for myself to get tired.

1 plus am.
finally getting to slp.
"I got it from my mama, I got it from my mama, I got it from my mama, I got it, got it"
Someone's phone rang & it was like everyone was awaken by the ringtone.
Except for the person whose the ringtone belonged too.
Miss Chin had to walk right thre & help her silent it.
Finally got some slp.

Day 2.

Got up at 535am, washed up, waited for the physical training to start.
Had physical training, ran ard the parade square & CAPTAIN'S BALL :D
Played like shit.

Had breakfast, went up to the Bentoveen Room & took out things, then moved down to the foyer.
Found out that we had to stick to the Night Trail grps & wasn't ver happy.

Hahah, looked like an small island, but wasn't.
The wavesThe peacocks we saw.
Lead the way !

Couldnt take much pictures cause didnt have time.
Headed to Sentosa.
Jason & Fongkiat had to go off so it was left with the five of us.
Kena-ed leader.
Anws, it wasn't really that bad. I was glad i didnt change my grp.
hahah, made new friends with juniors :D

Anws, went down, boarded the bus & had a lil nap.
Reached Tanjong beach, had a lil free time & started cheering.
Had the pre-activity games & ran off.
Our grp kena-ed the last but at least we tried out best in cheering :D

had some pre-activity game.

RANRANRAN to first station which was The Merlion.
Mustakim & I split up into a grp with Anna & the others went to find the Delifrance.
Asked for help & finally found HuiSze & Shawn Ng.
Contacted the rest :D
ahaha !

Had this hula-hoop game & ran of to the next station.
Clue : Chinese Mytological Creature :D

Found out it was the Dragon trail.
Shit. No bus to take us thre or no train. oh no. have to walk thre but will thre be enough time ? ohno.
kept following the map & reached the trail.

walked around the place, motivated ppl, kept reading the map & screamed like shit :/
okay, nehmind.
Saw peacocks :D
& dragon bones. & those skulls, which looked like human skulls.
Trust me, i was like a mad woman :/

Looked ard, went up, went down. Noone. Went downdown. Walked & walked. Saw no one. Asked the tourist for help but to no avail. walked up to the dragon, noone. Walked past the place & went to mt Imabiah [or sth like that], noone. called Huisze for help.

Finally, after everything, we figured out that Jessica & ShiLin was incharge & LerChing & Michelle saw them at the CarsBerg sky tower thre.
rushed up, panted like shit.
Reached the station, saw yiling but didnt see them.
Waited & called ShiLin.
Used YiLing's clue & went bck to the Dragon Trail AGAIN, to take down 5 discriptions of the dragons.
Went up, went down.
Finally completed it.
Got our next clue : Probably the best beer in the world.

headed over thre, which was ver near.
Did the Sudoku with some help & had to count how many windows the sky tower had.

Got our next clue : I'm in pink, blue or grey.

headed over thre, took the Blue Line to the Beach Station then headed over to the Yellow Line.
Found out that we were running out of time as it was alr 245pm.
reached, could nt find the ppl in charge & had to go bck to the beach.
Thought that we were the last group but was the Second to reach bck thre.

Slacked, watched the waves, waited for the ppl.
Falled in, packed, blah.
Headed back to the place we boarded the bus to come to Sentosa & chatted with ShawnNg.
Got somehow lost & blah.

Reached the place, got into the bus, slept.
Reached school, falled in, cleared the room, collect out bags & went to have dinner with YeeTat, Jason & FongKiat.
Chatted, went home :D :D :D

Well, tmr & Sat's going to be the open hse.
Handbells :D
Choir :D

we can do it.