change the lifestyle ; change everything ; not going anywhere . Pictures ! Oh yes , some was from Huisze. 2e7 pupils : If you want the ...

Ceremonial walk.

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change the lifestyle ;
change everything ;
not going anywhere .

Pictures !
Oh yes , some was from Huisze.
2e7 pupils : If you want the photos , just click on it & save the enlarged version :D
2e707 :D
2e707 :D2e707 :DWith Genevieve :D

wahahaha :D
Had post-exam activity today , walked back to the Yishun Campus, from the Sembawang campus :D
I think it was fun , yes i think .
A series of unfortunate events happened today , probably due to some irresponsible teachers .
Well , & its really the first time in MY book of history that I went late for sch . Yes , sad eh ?
Fortunately , we informed the teachers & oh yes , thanks to Irina's Uncle :D
He & his company van really helped us A LOT :D Irina & Sham too :D
I'll elaborate mre abt it ltr :D
I think this is going to be a pretty long post .

Okay , first , i'll start with the TITLE of this part of the post :

Met Sham early in the morning under her block at abt 630am :D
Her dad drove us to Irina's house .
Well , tried to like fit the flag into the car & tried many different methods but didn't work .

Into the boot : Can't , flag may fall out .
In front : Block the driver's view .
Behind : Can't close the door .

well , the main problem's because that the flag was like can be said as bigger then the car .
Anws , blahblahblah .
Lets just get on to the main prob .
Well , as you see , we were like left without any solutions at all , like a.k.a stranded on an deserted island .
Okay , whatever .
Anws , yah , called one of the teachers , who like practically did not have any sense of responsibility . I mean , okay , that teacher was like having her breakfast lah , if i'm not wrong .
Since she like talked as if she had something in her mouth .
Anws , i mean , Sham talked to her & the fact is that she didn't even bother to listen AT ALL . Just caring abt whether she will be late for sch or not . Said she will get bck to us .
Waited & waited .
Called back , asked us the question : HOW ?
wtfuck .
Eh , excuse me . WHY THE FUCKING HELL WOULD WE EVEN CALL YOU IF WE KNEW HOW ? -.-'' Please lar , don't be such a lamer can .
Then well , we told her about the being stranded thing , cause Sham's dad had to fetch her Mom to work , & her Mom was alr running late .
THAT teacher like didn't even damn care & like just told us to wait for her till she finished her business in sch & said she'll call us back later , AGAIN .
Like wtf ? Oh yes , it was alr about 720am or so , if i'm nt wrong & the worst thing's that she has a car can .
Called back , passed the phone to another teacher .
Oh yes , knowing that I was there with Sham , she asked me how my ankle was , & guess what ?
She told me to like get to sch first , then call sham to settle the flag .
HELLO ? WHAT ? YOU REALLY EXPECT ME TO DO THAT ? Then leave Sham all alone over there ? Sorry , no . I will NEVER do that .
Anws ,
here are some of the solutions that were given to us :
* Take bus & go [Pls , we would have done that long ago , if we could . EH , the flag is like so freaking big & you want us to carry it into the bus . what kind of crap is this .]
* Walk to Yishun Campus & wait for our class there [ Hello ? The reason for like doing this class flag is just for the fact of carrying it while walking. You think we so free ah ? , so many people like used up their time just to complete this class flag .]
* Forget about the flag [SIAO . People like put in so much hard work & there you are with a word " forget abt the flag" . HELLO ? It like consist of so many people's hard work okay !]
* Take a cab [Yah right . The money ?]

In the end , Irina's uncle had to like sent us to sch , in spite of like being so tired .
Luckily , he could still manage .
If not how ?

Oh yes , we reached school at abt 800am .
Not our fault .
The teacher's accountable for everything .

What fuck .

2nd situation
Claiming others credit .
Oh yes, I would like seriously like to credit those who contributed to the class flag first .
Lets see , it like totally consist of like Hmm , 10 ppl ?
Of course , lets make it 8 , just including the ppl from our class .
yes , & our class like consist of like ? 40 students ?
Class spirit eh ?
So think some ppl even like made up excuses for not going over for the class flag .
Well , thats what I heard from many ppl .
Anws , yah . How nice right !

EDITED ; 261007
- deleted-
sometimes , i just have to understand.

Well , those are like the bad things lah .
There are still good things though :D

Oh yes , lets start from when we started the walk :D
It was OKAY , except for the parts that we had to walk & RUNRUNRUN , walk & RUNRUNRUN.
Oh wells :D

Started off the walk at abt 845 & reached at abt 10 am :D
4 km :D
Chatted with the others dur. the walk .
Sham told us about snuff videos , lol .

Reached school & it was like OMFG :D
So damn freaking humongous lah :D
Reminds me of those polytechnics , lol , seriously .
I'm still wondering how we are like going to get over to the dnt block next year .
I think we will like need a year to like get there , LOL .
Okay , i'm exaggerating :D
But its like seriously huge lah :D

Had a tour ard the sch & yes , I think the Beentoven's room is like not rlly that bad .
Pretty huge though :D
So means that we will not need to share our room with anyone , anymore :D

Was dismissed from the Yishun Campus .
Went to Northpoint's Macdonalds for lunch .
Then headed for JAMMING :D
hahaha , it was OKAY , but its really the first time that I'm like actually singing through a mic by myself :X
Okay , i'm not joking okay !
Jammed for 2 hours , then headed home :D

Getting to know our streaming classes tmr .

Whatever .