I love you , freako - Oh Hi ! people , I'm back from school . *Smiles like an idiot* Cookie is like Zi High-ing by himself right n...


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I love you , freako -

Oh Hi ! people , I'm back from school . *Smiles like an idiot*

Cookie is like Zi High-ing by himself right now.
I don't know why.
He's like just so damn excited.
Probably its because of the fact that he just woke up from his afternoon nap.
Oh yah, Cookie's my dog, incase you are wondering that its my brother :X

MSN-ing with Stella right now :D

STELLA says:


STELLA says:

hahs. yeah, right

CASSAN } says:

lol .

CASSAN } says:

Don't know whether to sya is he huogai or what :X

hahah ! just pay attention to the hearts in front of out nicknames.

Nice yea.
I had to like blank out the conversation cause its private :P

Oh yes, I have to like return to school for 2 hours tmr for the A maths test.
Freak. Mrs Gopala said that its going to be a difficult one.
Lets just pray that I get in, tgt with Shammini & the others yah !
Though DnT is fine with me, I still prefer A maths.
hahah !

What kind of lame logic is this -.-

8 more weeks before the holidays are offically over.
Somehow, i think i will like miss 2e7.
It does have fun & memorable memories.
but also painful & sad ones , for me.
One thing that I can never forget is definitely the Heritage Trail.
OMG. That's what I call fun. Plus Community Heart Day too.
I'm sure we will all enjoy the class outing on 291107 yah !
Sentosa , here we comeeeeeee :D

Somehow , I don't think I will enjoy 3e4, if i get in.

I don't know why.
Jealousy & many other factors will start overcoming me.
& trying to be s
omeone who I am not.
Just let them be tgt.
TO 3e4 ALSO ?!
I think I will have hell next year.
I should enjoy my time now.
fuck lah.

Just finished talking to Claudia just now about some things.
Its not that we want to, we are being forced to.
Until they really realise their mistake, we have nothing to do.

Difference between a Normal Paper & a English Homework :Dhahah !

Oh yes, received our holiday homework a few weeks ago.
Serious, our English assignment is like so damn outrageously thick !
Out of all the times, this must be the time that our Humanities homework do not need us to travel around Singapore -.-
No, just travel around some museum.

I have been like blogging for like dont know how long.
Lets just stop :D