&Cant we just start over again? Have been ver busy lately, coming home at about 5 plus 6 everyday. term test next tuesday. Monday Right,...


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&Cant we just start over again?

Have been ver busy lately, coming home at about 5 plus 6 everyday.
term test next tuesday.

Right, i'm not always very good at blogging the week events but i guess i should like just try it out.
Nothing much really happened on Monday, i think there wasn't any tests.
Okay, stayed back in school for the Adobe photoshop course.
Trust me, that thang really suck. Though i once loved making blogskins & all, that dumb course was WAYYYY- too boring.
We practically like wasted our 3 and a half hours there for nothing. -.-
Oh yes, some of the things I did there, with Aini & Huisze's help :D

had NDP rehersals after school and all.
Learned the dance steps & found out that almost the whole of Sec2s were actually standing in the front row tgt :D
Oh yes, I'm currently standing in between Sumaiyah & MrJasonGay :D
Danced danced danced and finally, it was our turn & this time, it was bleahh-
Well, not totally bleahh- but we did improve, as what the other teachers said, & not to stand around the rectangle in the parade square like a bunch of retards :D
Had briefing & went home.

Went to school but nothing interesting happened so,

Somethings happened in the morning which i don wanna talk abt.
Went to Northpoint after school with Judith & Yanting for the red tees.
Claudia didnt get to come cause of that adobe THANG.
Yes, i purposely typed THANG cause it was really a stupid damn THANGG-
Right, bought our tees, bought food & went home. Dropped my handphone on the way but didnt die. It only fainted.

OKAY, yesterday's yesterday was a damn fun but tiring :D
Most of the Sec2s didnt go for choir cause Monitors, Councilers & 15 other Students from each class had to go to the 2007 banner painting thang.
& so, i didnt go for choir :D
It was fun, painting the banner and getting to draw it ourselves. Best thing's that the pictures in the banner were from our classes :D
So paintpaintpaint & got REALLYYY- dirty, esp my socks & the floor.
well, 20 pupils were supposed to stay but in the end, only about 6-7 were left, excluding the councilers cause they had duty.
It was like totaly OMGness, with the rest of us chionging like shit.
& best part's that we had to keep running down cause we could only wash out brushes at the first floor.

Finished painting and it was my turn to keep running up and down as had to get the cloth to clean the floor.
Cleaned halfway & rushed to choir with Jason & Fongy.
Got to Ava 2 and it was then that choir was dismissed :D
Cool huh? Went there for nothing, lol.
Fatin & Mine's :D With the help of come others. Drawn by Afza. Its a 0
2e7's banner :D

Okay, met Judith & Claudia early in the morning to school to get changed.
falled in, had our last run-through & went down to wait for out turn to perform.
Talked & talked dur. the short breaks & also formed the AWSOME Chicky Club,
where we ANTI-ed the disgusting baizhanji.

Chairman : Fongkiat
Vice-Chairman : Jason
Advisor : Yee Tat
Members :
Chermaine Cheong,
Chermaine Yong,
Vivian Chong,

Cool huh?
Okay back to the rehersals.
Right, this time it really wasnt that bad, HIGH-ed dur the Finale :D
& Billy Banja-ed, though ours was the time who kicked people out xD

Went home with Judith, Yanting & Whitney after that.
Reached home, Slept & Slacked.

SO heres my week :D
Having term test on Tues followed by choir.