Oh please. say that she's copying you? What prove do you have? Please, dont give me goosebumps anymore. You said that people will like ...


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Oh please.
say that she's copying you? What prove do you have?
Please, dont give me goosebumps anymore. You said that people will like be jealous of that friend of yours? LOL. Jealous your foot. & Yes, it will be a stinking foot.
As I can see with my 2 pairs of eyes, she, is not even PRETTY AT ALL, I can like walk down the corridors of the bleahs level & like see so many gazillions CHIOBUs in their classes & standing outside their classes, without even turning my neck or whatsoever to look for one.
YOUR FRIEND IS NOTHING OKAY, compared to the others.

People will like NEVER worship her, you shld have seen how she sat during the bball match.
Like a complete bimbo with no brains & shes like sitting as if she owns the whole bench & like as if shes in a super duper HIGH CRASS restuarant.
Yes, I said CRASS. For someone like her, she doesnt deserve CLASS.

You know, people dont even need you to like spam her tagboard & all.
Only brainless bimbos do that :D
Oh yes, top typing in your blog like you took a total 24 hours to like spam her blog & that you are THAT great okay, you did you yourself, & brought this upon yourself too.
She, DID NOT COPY your that pretty/i can say PETTY, friend's blogskins of yours. So what if she did? F.Y.I, you DID NOT even buy any copyright for that whatever thang of yours. Its not as if you paid a million dollars to copyright it.
If you really did, i'm sorry to say, that she's really downright DUMB.

OMFG. YES! Of course you AREN'T lame at all!
Omgosh. I cant believe that people actually said that you are lame!
The people must have been pretty blur then, to not add a VERY in front of your lame plus the word childish.
Hah, & who will want your kindness? That wasnt called clarifying, asshole.
Its called spamming. Spamming with that alien lanuage of yours liike thiis.
Euu shldd knoww tatt peoplee diidnt know whatt euu were wriitingg nehhs.

Yes, i admit, she does type like that in her blog but so WHAT?
I can like see difference between your that petty friend's language & hers.
Both's written in complete twit language but the other one had the more extraodinary twit lang, a.k.a your friends one, which was like COMPLETELY Alienish.
You need me to a.k.a the the word Alienish?
Sure. Means that that kind of spelling does not EVEN exist in the english speaking/writing world AT ALL.
Oh yes, you said that she copying you all by typing like that?
Oh please, where are your brains? Just click on any of your links & i can assure you that you can like find MILLIONS, yes, MILLIONS, of people typing like that.

DUH. You spammed her, so of course she will have to delete it lah.
F.Y.I, shes like helping you do a big favour by doing that okay. You wouldnt want any teachers who blog-hops, to see her tagboard & know that the person tagging is all of you.
Since all of your names are there & from the alien language that you are typing, even someone blind will know that its your work.

Oh yes, your that friend isnt even worth admiring AT ALL.
I'll rather look at my dog than look at her okay a.k.a she's not even worth my dog :D