Okay, it seems like a longlong time since i last blogged. Lets start with Homeecons , followed by Choir then Council Investiture. :DD Okay...

Home Econs, Choir, Council Investiture :D

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Okay, it seems like a longlong time since i last blogged.
Lets start with Homeecons, followed by Choir then Council Investiture.

Okay, homeecons, baked pizza :DDD
Though it may seem nothing to you, it is SOMETHING to me, probably cause i'm a pizza fanatic :DDD
Okay, it wasnt that hard though, cause everything has already been like prepared for us, even the dough and the ingredients.
But the toppings were the thing that was wierd. Hard boiled eggs? Satay sauce? Minced curry chicken? Minced Soya sauce meat? dried mushrooms?
okay, but the others were not that bad.
Ours hard tomato sauce, tomato, pineapple chunks, hard-boiled egg, minced meat and also bacon bits. Heng* the minced curry meat was dried ones. =.= If not out pizza woud taste so damn weird.
Oh yes, our theme was fusion pizza, something to do with Racial Harmony:DDD
But we didnt really care luh. Who cares about the fusion thang? The most impt thang is that it will taste good :D So goodbye to satay sauce and EW, soyasauce meat on pizza. :D
I should have spelled Cassan there :D Since Racial Harmony Day falls on 21 July too :D

In thee oven :D
Our pizza :D
Jian Lun's creation.

Right, next thing's Choir.
Okay, went to sunplaza with Yeetat, Claudia, Fonggee, Jason and Shawn Ng before it started. LOL. Kept talking about the bzj. xD Bai Zhan Ji*
Mrs Jessie Oscar Kwok came. Or Miss Jessie came.
Did warm ups, including the do, do reh do, do reh MHM reh do, do reh MHM fah MHM reh do.
=.= LOL, she asked us not the sing the Mi and and the Soh, if you realised and Boon Tat and friends had to replace them with MHMS and AHHs.
Then wrote solfage on scores while she tested the councilers and monitors ONEBYONE who had to leave early, including Jason, Fonggee, Jiaen and meh.
I kinda freaked out a lil cause i was thee first person but was okay after that, probably cause used to it already, since Mdm Tang kept doing that last time xD

Okay, lastof all, Council Investiture :D
We wore our ties, went down to the canteen and slacked before we went up to the hall.
But what we actually did in the hall was just to Sit, Watch and Pespire xD
Talked and Smsed :D
I still remember the HELLO IDIOT :D thang i sent to Fonggee which kinda diaoed him a lil.
Okay, so here was the sequence :
Registration of Guests.
Guests and teachers to be seated.
Arrival of Principla and Guest-of-honour.
Singing of School Song.
Speech by Guest-Of-Honour.
Presentation of Certificates to the 8th Student Council and 5th Honorary Student Council.
Speech by President of the 8th Stduent Council.
Presentation of badges to New Stduent Councillors.
Presentation of badges to the 6th Honorary Student Council
Presentation of badges to the 9th Student Council Executive Committe.
Taking of Student Counciler's Oath.
Speech by President of the 9th Student Council.
Singing of the School rally Song-we will excel.

Pretty long huh?
Yeah, so we waited&waited&waited&waited for everything to start and just clapped and laughed and clapped.
Were glad that we were able to sneak up to the ITroom before everything started to get a bit of aircon. Trust me, we were like ROASTED. Yes, already roasted.

After everything, went to collect our bag and walked to sunplaza with Fonggee and jason.
Kept squirting water at fonggee and kinda got his face and hair a lil wet but he used it to style his hair instead. =.=
went home while Fonggee and jason went to meet Yee tat.

Yeah, and thats all for everything.
i even took a picture of it =/