My second post for today, or it can be said as one, cause the first post was on photos. Got back all my results and all of them happened to ...

&its a quiz.

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My second post for today, or it can be said as one, cause the first post was on photos.
Got back all my results and all of them happened to be like shit.
Oh yes, did you see happened to be like? -.-
I didn't do it on purpose.
It just happened to be.
KNS lah.
Failed 1 and passed the others.

Eng - C6
Maths - failed.
Science - B4
Chinese - C5
Hist - C6
Geog - B3

I was like so damn sad when I found out my MT results. Didn't fail, but was worst then what I expected.
Maths was like a total shit;D
Was glad that I finally passed my History since I have been failing since sec 1. Unbelievable right?
Failing was like the worst thing that can happen to everyone on earth when we were still in our Primary Schools.
But now to us, failing is like a breeze. -.-
and we fail.

Was requested by Jason Gay to do this.
Here it goes! ;D

1. Start Time: 4.49pm.
2. Name: Cassandra.
3. Nickname: Toiletpaper, Cassan, Cass, Cassie.
4. Astrology sign: Cancer.
5. Gender: Female.
6. Hair color: Black and a lil darkbrown.
7. Eye color: Dark Brown.
8. Height: 160cm.
9. Favorite Most color: PINKO -
10. Glasses: Yup.
11. Tattoos: Fake ones? Yup. :)
12. Birthplace: S-i-n-g-a-p-o-r-e. :D
13. Area code: Woodlands?
14. TRUE friends: Those who went through the hard times with me. ;D


15. Cut your own hair?: Yesh.
16. Done something in the past regret?: Yup :) Like whats happening now.
17. Have you ever met someone you were not supposed to?: Yahyah! LOL.
18. Skipped school?: Nope.
19. Bungee jumped?: Nope.
20. Punched someone?: Nope.
21. Cheated on someone?: Yup.
22. Been arrested?: Nah. ;D
23. Broken into someones house?: NOPE.
24. Been to a funeral?: Like DUH?
25. Used a lighter?: Yesh.


26. Season: WINTER -
27. Ice cream flavor: Vanilla ;D
28. School subject(s): Hmm, Eng? Sci?
29. Candy: Marshmallows ! , Gummies.
30. Breakfast: Big breakfast ;D
31. Juice: Orange? Apple?
32. Book(s): Princess Diaries !
33. Movie(s): Not sure though. Probably The Parents Trap.
34. Song(s): Avril Lavigne's , Jesse Mccartney's , The Click Five's ,Vanessa Anne Hudgens' , Pussy Cat Dolls' , Ashley Tisdale's [SOME] , Fergie's , Good Charlotte's , Marion Raven's , Vanessa Carlton's .. blahblah.
35. Letter(s): That people give to me ;D
36. Favorite fast food restaurant: Mac, PIzza Hut.
37. Disney Princess: Cinderella.
38. TV station: Channel 5? Channel 8? Kids Central. LOL.
39. Name for a son: Aldrige.
40. Name for a daughter: Desiree.


41. Chocolate or Vanilla?: Vanilla ;D
42. Alcoholic or not?: Not.
43. Scary movies or comedies?: Comedies.
44. Short or long hair?: Long.
45. Croutons or bacon bits?: Bacon Bits.
46. Mexicans in general: ...
47. School: Ytss.
48. Grass: Grass as in? O.o Funny question.
49. Cow: That produces HL milk. LOL.
50. Canada: Loves<3
51. Mouse: Minne.
52. Hands: Mine. ;D


53. Watched a movie?: Nope.
54. Talked on the phone?: Yesh. ;D
55. Cried?: Nope.
56. Choked?: Nope.
57. Drank a glass of water?: -.-''
58. Done Drugs?: Nope.
59. Read a book or magazine?: Mags! ;DDD
60. Watched TV?: Yup.
61. Looked in the mirror?: Haha. Pigs will fly if i say no.
62. Taken a shower?: Yes.
63. Taken a picture?: Yup.
64. Listened to music?: Yup. Music's my life.
65. Kissed someone?: Nope. They aren't worth my kiss ;D
66. Told someone you liked them: Nope. It will be someone worth my kiss. Either that or even if I said I love them to them, I don't mean it. ;DD
67. End time: 5.08pm.

there u go! :D
[x] Jaclyn ;D
[x] Huisze ;D
[x] Alicia ;D
[x] Zi Cheng ;D
[x] Jessica Gan ;D
[x] Hillary ;D