Its like getting from 3o plus % to about like 0.1111%? Yes, thats how i feel :) OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG - OH.MY.GOD - OH MY GODDDDDD - Y...

Finally ;D

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Its like getting from 3o plus % to about like 0.1111%?
Yes, thats how i feel :)

Yes, Oh my god.
yesh, i promised myself that I must type a non-stop OMG once I am able to like blog next time :DDDD

For gods sake.
I am like finally able to blog, without even typing in the HTML page like what I did last time or whatsoever. -.-
Still remembered when I tried blogging yesterday.
I like pratically had to copy&paste&edit into the older posts and had to post as edit -.-
Oh yes, and when I like wanted to post it all out, everything went back like before.
I was like wtf?
It was the LONGESTTT post of the month can.
I just typed and typed and typed without even stopping -.-
It was like so shit lah.

I mean, wonder what's with blogger nowadays.
Although i'm like so damn thankful that the blogging problem's finally resolved, I just cant stand it when it suddenly breaks down like this can.
How i wish some Jap people will like invent something in blogger that tells us when OUR blogger is going to breakdown and whatsoever :D
At least give us sometime to get ready ..
and i'll immediately blog everything out like shit xD
URGH -.-
I wont be surprised if I like change from blogger to xanga or whatsoever blogging website one fine day. =/
But blogging won't be so fun, since its like we wont be able to choose the skins and all.

like so long ago. LOL=/
Well, Maths Paper 2 to me was like UHH?
Well, a good UHH and a bad one.
Good as in most of the questions i studied for came out but bad as in I didn't get to finish it..
or i should say didn't know how to attempt them. -.-
Yea, got back my chinese QUESTION PAPER and went through some of the answers.
Also know my geog marks too.
Well, what i can say is UHHHH :DDDDDDDDD
I like got a shock just now when i knew my results.
like UHHHH again.

I just love UHH-ing yea. :D

Dragon Boating yesterday.
Went to Changi for it and all lah.
It was like a so-called camping place and also can be said as a beach.

Well, at first, when we like just got there, we had to like put our bags into our so-called bunks and blahblah.
Then splitted into our groups. Was grouped with Esmond at first, then changed to Afiq but it the end got grouped up with Gene again ;D
Then Mr Polar ;D explained to us about wearing the PDF? (Hmm) and how to use the oar.
I was surprised that he actually could fit into the life-jacket. =/ (no offence)
After all the talking and blahblahblah, we went to had our Water Confidence Test where we have to like lock our hands together and like walk into the water together and lie down to test if our life-jackets were working.
Kept screaming and screaming and salt water went into my mouth. -.-''
Got pretty dirty too, with sand and water everywhere .

After everything, Went up the dragon boat, wobbled like shit, and ROWROWROW :)
Well, it was pretty tiring at first, but we like got used to it after everything.
The best part of the Dragon-boating was the part when out group got splashed by the Cheaterguy's group.
Rowrowrow to us and splash and run. Then rowrowrow to them and splash and run.
Also had races and all with them and all xD
Oh yes, we were also asked to sit on the sides of the boat while the trainer kept shaking the boat.
We did scream like shit lah.
Then changed to sit on the side of the boat with our legs in the water.
Was like so scary can. And some girls cried lah.
=/ I shall not name them out :D

After everything, everyone were asked to like move the dragon boats back which was like the most tiring thing of that activity.
Almost the whole batch like dragged and dragged and dragged.
That too, made everyone like so dirty.
It was fun anyway ;D

Then went back to collect out dry clothes while we like rinsed ourselves and changed.
Really couldn't stand those people who took up the shower rooms. -.-
I mean, everyone were like waiting for them outside and they could still like use the toilet for like more then 5 minutes.
Like wtf can. -.-
Went back to school and kinda slept in the bus.
Didn't take much photos. :(

WOW. Can't believe that i like blogged so much today.
Had to many things inside me xD

Goodbye for now!

justhopethatbloggerdoesntdothattomeagain -.-