Reply to tags(like finally ) waterkooler - yahlahyalah. i also taged you back d!nghu!- linked(: Alicia - thanks:D Congrats on syf. But at l...


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waterkooler - yahlahyalah. i also taged you back

d!nghu!- linked(:

Alicia - thanks:D Congrats on syf. But at least you didn't drop the standard right?

YueRu- thks:D

Olivia- lol. I changed it, like finally.

ahgong- ahaha. yah, also donno why he showed the emo face. But luckily, the situation's kinda solved already. I think i'll look for the teacher if it gets bad again and yah, muie rendera was fun(; but didn't se eyou though=X WE DID SHINE=D

boonyee- thanks boon yee(: yeahyeah. 2E7 ROCKS=D

chermainecheong- thanks for your concern(: everything's okay ler.

Jimei- relinked=D

asrul- O.o lols. thanksthanks. its time you create a new blog too. Missed reading your

HuiSze- same here. it has been like a damn long time since we hasd fun. xD

Claudia- *tags back*

Qian Hua- THANKS=D Lets all work hard together for i-class. <333s

Alvin- Diao-.-''

+wendy+- relinked, chiobu(: Yours then flatter lor, what model, lols.

Jas- tytytytyyy<33>

Fish1- HI FISH1SOPHIA! opps...

finally like finished replying tags from last month=X

Came back from school not long ago, went for our syf today(:
Well, it was like a damn long day for us lah.
Lets see...
Went to school this morning with jason and made him throw away $1.30=X
Oh yea, i also went to turn that $1 thing and got the Spirit of Love-.-
Then, reported, falled in, blahblahhblahh
Then had a lil imagery thingy.
Had warm ups, panicked and changed into our costumes, had another runthrough and went to foyer.
Reached VCH at about 10.30am
Took many pictures, and then waited for our turn for our warm up and all.
Had performance after that.

Omg. It was like omg?
We actually thought there were noone in the hall except for us, but there were like so many people there.
Prespetarian and all lah.
We sang, enjoyed the song and smiled like shit.
Then went back to the hall to sit while waiting for the thing to end.
Took bus back to sch, had discussion, then went for ulunch till 4.45.

Came back at 4.45, all wet like shit.
Then slacked in the rom while waiting for results, got teased and all.
Oh yah, the songs were nice.
Then waited till 6.30 before knowing the results.

*screams and cries*

Yesh, so that was like the whole process lah.
Feeling damn tired suddenly, donno why.
Also having that mixed sensation now, happy that we didn't get a bronze but sad that we still got a silver even after we worked so hard.
Oh wells, mostly cause of that damn international thingy. lol
But was still glad that we maintained the standard(:

Senior's stepping down on fri already.
going to have another crying session again.
I sure gonig to cry wan lah=X=X

Blogging on sat again.