Heritage trail was fun:D yeahyeahyeah Although I'm damn tired, I'm still a tinny WEENY iny bit hyper inside me. Just a TINY INY BIT~...

Heritage Trail:D

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Heritage trail was fun:D
Although I'm damn tired, I'm still a tinny WEENY iny bit hyper inside me.
Okay, we started of by going to Labardor park.
We had de-brief and all lah.
Then went for warm up training.Did about the map reading, the Naughty Elephant Splash Water, and allll.
Well, our group facilator was like FUNN lah! :D
He was the type who could crack jokes, so it wasn't that boring throughout the trail.
Kept laughing and laughing AND laughing ANDD laughing ANDDD laughing non-stop. xD

Had georg trail after that. Went around the so called reserve and all.
Well, we didn't had like any problems getting the answers and all.I mean, thats of course lahhh
since all of us we were
Or was it that we like got the ans for free?
Okay, just joking. We did like put in effort lah, laughing ehre and there and also bullying our facilators.

WELL, after everything, we went for out Historical Enactment.
When we saw those skits, those bangbangs and also, saw the Jap flag drop.
Well, just imagine when the Jap soldiers killed all thsoe British soldiers, they had to fly their flag and all.
And the fun part was that when they were flying heir flags, well, the flags can like suddenly drop out.
That explains the poor quailty the flag had.

Then we like went for our tunnel trail:D
It was really cool, seeing those things like being used by the JapBritish soldiers still there, untouched.
The walls, the guns, the cloths, the shirts, the metal hatts.
And also, The AIRCON=D
The tunnel trail 2 was the scariest of all, though it was kinda cool.
I shall not go into the details lah:D
SO yah, the tunnel 2 was bigger, darker, scarier, creeper and of course more h-a-u-n...
But too bad, we couldn't like stay for long.
But it was also a blessing in disguise
Well, we had our lunch after that.

Okay, we were like VERYVERY late for our History trail.
So we like missed out the history trail and took the bumboat instead.
Well, the scenery was like FABFABFAB.
I shall not expplain. There will be pictures of them beloww:D
Then completed the worksheets under the scorching sun and proceeded back to sch.

So that was a brief idea of our trail today:D
Of course, it was like more fab lah.
Too bad I didn't go into the details. lol.

Our group with our student facilators.
The fort which was facing the sea.
The history reenactment. insdie the tunnel. How they like actually transported the bullets up.
In the tolietxD
gene and me.
Stick people-- ;D The nicenice scenery. Shop houses.
LOL, us again. During the boat trip.
Ferris Wheel
The last scenery photo, Mr Merlion;)

Today was FUNNN:D
lol, ahgong. Its not i don't want. Its that i can't. I also dunno why=X
I'm afraid that everything would go back to square 1 again.